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We enjoy new members and are always happy for some new roleplayers. WCC (Warrior Cats Creator) is full of fun things to do. There is a game section, a roleplay section, a Non-Warrior Cat Related section, a New Here? Section, and a Help! Section. Interested? All you have to do is register. Please, only warrior or tribe names unless you want to join BloodClan or be a Rogue/Loner/Kittypet. If you need help, always feel free to ask an Admin. If they aren't available then ask a Mod. Don't forget to tell your friends about this Site!
Hope To See You Around~ The Admins: Echostar, Cherrystar, and FawnStar.
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WindClan Medicine Cat

ModWindClan Medicine Cat

Prologue: My Journey

The kingdom I was born into is rich in history, legends, and traditions. I was born into the Ruby Phoenix Clan which rules over the high mountains. My Clan was born because of the rich mines that run throughout its land. Our kingdom is allied with the Clan resting just south of us, they call themselves the Sapphire Dragon Clan. They rule over the farming land, which is only rolling hills within a deep valley. Each Clan is ruled by a king, but the two Clans didn't always be allies and form one whole kingdom. 20,000 years ago, the two Clans were two separate kingdoms. The Sapphire Dragon kingdom was ruled by a wise and peace-loving king, known as the first king to rule there. His name was King Korin. The Clan I was born into was ruled by King Svalbard, a relentless vulture who was anything but nice and peaceful.

King Korin had two daughters, but he had high hopes of retiring from his rein once either of the princesses were married to princes. While his oldest daughter was very young and the youngest daughter was still a baby, the king encountered a young nine-tailed fox which was alone and starving. The king knew all nine-tailed foxes were enemies of both kingdoms and most of them were killed to protect their citizens years ago, those surviving fled to the lands beyond the mountains. He knew his kingdom would be angry at him if he didn't kill it, but still, he also knew that if he didn't give proper care, the young nine-tailed fox wouldn't survive that winter. So, in hopes the nine-tailed fox wouldn't turn against him and his kingdom, he took it in and raised it as his own. He named her Manalaya, which in the Old language meant "Gift of the Gods". He raised her well, teaching her the ways of both kingdoms. When his two daughters were old enough to understand their roles in the kingdom, so roughly both were teenagers, Manalaya decided to travel the surrounding lands in order to gain strength and wisdom.

The king let her go, never losing hope that one day she'd return. 10 years passed, and when the 2 princesses were old enough to be wed, Manalaya returned. She had grown stronger and wiser than the king had imagined she would in his lifetime. Word spread through the kingdom that the king's daughters needed to marry princes so he could retire and hand over his kingdom to one of them. While she was away, Manalaya had visited the other kingdom and learned that king had a similar problem, only with his two sons. Manalaya approached Korin with an idea. She suggested that his daughters would marry Svalbard's sons and one couple would take over for Svalbard's kingdom while the other couple would take over for his kingdom. The idea was so clever both kings agreed and not long after the idea was made real. But strangely enough, the two kingdoms remained enemies. 3 years later, barbaric rogues that had formed an army crossed the sea, threatening to conquer both kingdoms, one by one. The two kingdoms saw to it that if they fought together as one, they would out-number the barbaric army. So they did, fighting alongside one another with all their might.

They quickly defeated the barbaric army, most of those not killed fled back to the place in which they came, but some the kingdoms saw worthy joined either kingdom. The two kingdoms rejoiced before they became allies, forming one whole kingdom. Each couple reined over each Clan. Years passed and King Korin soon fell ill. When Manalaya became aware, she spent most of her time trying to help cure his illness, but her effort was in vain. While on his death-bed, the king and Manalaya made a promise. Manalaya vowed from that day on she would guard the Tomb of Kings from grave-robbers who would steal the riches found inside each of the royal tombs. For each year she guarded it, she gained 5 more years to live thanks to a spell a wizard of his kingdom placed on her. Korin demanded the wizard give her the power to take any form she wanted like a shape-shifter could, the wizard obeyed. Korin gave her a bow to help her guard the Tomb of Kings before Manalaya solemnly left to travel to where the tomb would be. Korin died the next day.

The Tomb of Kings was designed with many puzzles that if a grave-robber somehow managed to get past Manalaya, their choices in the puzzles could mean the difference between life and death. Only a secret code only the royal families knew as well as Manalaya could disarm all the puzzles and booby traps, that way no-one else knew it. Since some of the people viewed some of the ancient kings to be Gods, they often tried to worship them in some way, so a tradition was born. In order to worship the kings, those citizens from either kingdom had to get both Kings' approvals before-hand, and then travel to where Manalaya guards. They must bring with them at least one member of either of the royal families with them as well as two or more knights in case a grave-robber was present when they arrived there. Manalaya would also be aware that the citizen would have access into the Tomb of Kings, and would learn that upon seeing whoever member of the royal family was present.

I am not travelling to see Manalaya because I am one who worships them - my reason is much deeper. My father was a travelling merchant before he met my mother, and he worshipped the kings, but not to revere them, but to pray for good things to happen. He settled in our kingdom, but he still traded his furs and wheat by hiring someone else to do the travelling for him. When I was just old enough to understand all our traditions, legends, and history, his aid he had hired fell ill. That winter was harsh; we barely had any money in our household, so my father decided to travel again until his aid's illness had ceased. He gathered the horse and cart filled with his fine furs and left early the next morning after he learned of his aid's illness. He did write back to us once he reached the other Clan, saying he was about to leave to return home.

Days went by and I knew my father would've made it home by then, so I asked our Clan's wisest shaman to show me why he hadn't yet returned. She told me Manalaya had killed him, but for some odd reason, she couldn't tell me why. I'll never forgive that Dang legendary guardian for what she had done! But at the same time, I still wanted to risk journeying to see her in order to find out the reason why she had killed my father. My mother knew my father all too well, he never would be guilty of being a grave-robber! Now I am close to the other Clan's territory, my face in the wind as I stood just outside of the farming lands, the land is mostly blanketed with wheat. 10 years have passed since my father was killed, now I'm old enough to live on my own and fend for myself. If nobody in that Clan will tell me if they know the reason, then I'll have to ask the murderer myself!

Chapter 1: A Curious Stranger

The man I saw earlier walking past my family's wheat fields I now saw in the library with me. I looked over him curiously. He wore clothing I knew was from the Ruby Phoenix Clan, he had the look of a rugged burglar, only he showed no sign of stealing. I watched as he picked out a book from the shelf and I recognized the cover. So he's reading about Manalaya! Is he a grave-robber - or is he a worshipper? I asked myself in thought before I cautiously approached without him noticing yet. I leaned against the book shelf just in front of him to his left. "If you're a grave-robber, than you're out of luck." I said softly, sounding a little sarcastic.


I was only reading a passage of how Manalaya was when she was younger to see if her personality or instinct was the reason why she killed my father when an unknown feminine voice made me wince in surprise. I closed the book and looked towards the source. A young woman about early 20s stood there before me, leaning against the bookshelf. I nervously placed the book in its original spot before I cleared my throat. "No, I'm not a grave-robber. I'm too smart to try and pull a stupid stunt like that on Manalaya." I answered her roughly. She let out a good-natured chuckle. "Then you must be a worshipper then." she said, this time her voice had softened significantly. I shook my head in response. "No, but my father was. I came here to find out the reason why she killed my father 10 years ago! I know Dang well my father wasn't a grave-robber, so that can't be her reason for doing it." I told her. Some citizens nearby heard me and gave me slightly angry looks before they walked off.

At my response, the girl's posture changed and her eyes widened. I've frightened her, haven't I?! I thought to myself. "Miss," I paused shortly, "are you alright?" I asked her, worried that I frightened her by what I'd said. Her posture relaxed and she frowned. "Well, nobody in this Clan knows that reason, I'm sure, but Manalaya does." she finally responded, ignoring my question, which I didn't like one bit! I sighed deeply in response. "But I'll still need your Clan's king to approve me of going to see her and ask her that question, I'll also need someone in the royal family to go with me." I informed her. She smirked and snickered at that.
"What's so funny?" I asked, rather annoyed. She stopped and smiled good-naturedly towards me. "I already know that, you silly goose! And as for having one of the royal family come with you, you can ask Princess Zana if she'll go with you when she comes here. She visits the library almost every day except for holidays and festivals!" she told me before gasping and pointing to something to my right. "There she is right there!" she exclaimed, motioning with her eyes to tell me to look in that direction. I looked and stood there mystified as I gazed at the princess. Very long and curly blonde hair, baby blue-ish colored dress with ruffles, her eyes were a deep and dark shade of green, and her lips the shade of a red rose. She looked and acted royally. Her dainty, small hands gracefully grasped a book on the shelf and was about to take it off the shelf when she turned towards us.
She had the looks of pure beauty. But I quickly looked down as her dark green gaze fell upon me. She had apparently heard her name being called and she slowly and elegantly walked over to us. "Good morning to you, Elizabeth. How's your crops doing?" Princess Zana asked the girl, and I finally learned her name, before she turned towards me. "And who's this........fella?" she asked, and I stood there confused as to why she didn't look like she was judging my features. "Oh, uh, I'm Samuel Reed, I'm from the Ruby Phoenix Clan. I came here to ask Manalaya why she killed my father 10 years ago when I know he wasn't any grave-robber." I explained to the princess, giving a short bow in respect to her.


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