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Adder In The Grass (Work-In-Progress)

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1Adder In The Grass (Work-In-Progress) Empty Adder In The Grass (Work-In-Progress) on Thu Jul 02, 2015 3:40 pm


WindClan Medicine Cat

ModWindClan Medicine Cat
Clans and Cast









StarClan Cats
From MistClan
HARESTAR - brown she-cat with a white bobbed-tail and white fore-socks; amber eyes; former leader before Waterstar; mate of Ottersplash; mother of Rootclaw, Mudpelt, and Mossflight; sister of Rabbitleap
WATERSTAR - gray tabby tom with mark on chest in the shape of a raindrop; icy-blue eyes; former leader before Shadestar; mate to Silverrain; father of Wolfclaw and Shadowstreak; uncle to Moonpelt and Featherwing; grandfather to Jackalfang, Coyotecall, and Foxtail; brother of Spots and Milkshake
CLOUDPOOL - white tom; once-was milky blue eyes; former medicine cat before Nettleleaf; brother of Diamondgaze and Dawnheart
NETTLELEAF - brown she-cat with black speckled coat; green eyes; former medicine cat before Sootflight
SPOTTEDPELT - calico tom with lovely dappled pelt; amber eyes; former deputy before Shadefur (Shadestar's warrior name); mate to Speckletail; father of Faintdapple, Pebblepool, and Freckledface
TIGERDASH - ginger tabby she-cat; green eyes; mate of Wolfclaw; sister of Mistfur and Creamstripe; mother of Jackalfang, Coyotecall, and Foxtail
OTTERSPLASH - brown and white tom; two differently colored eyes; left eye is blue, right is brownish amber; mate to Harestar; father of Mudpelt, Mossflight, and Rootclaw
ROOTCLAW & MUDPELT - two identical twin brown tabby toms; green eyes; sons of Harestar and Ottersplash; brothers to Moosflight
MOSSFLIGHT - caramel-colored tabby she-cat; blue eyes; only daughter of Harestar and Ottersplash; only sister of Rootclaw & Mudpelt
WOLFCLAW - silvery tabby tom; green eyes; mate to Tigerdash; father of Jackalfang, Foxtail, and Coyotecall; son of Waterstar and Silverrain; brother of Shadowstreak; cousin of Moonpelt and Featherwing; nephew of Spots and Milkshake
NIGHTCLOUD - black she-cat; very light green eyes; mate of Ravenwing; mother of Ashfoot and Milkygaze; grandmother of Shadestar, Sootflight, Ivypelt, and Panthertail
COYOTECALL - brownish russet she-cat; amber eyes; only daughter of Tigerdash and Wolfclaw; sister of Jackalfang and Foxtail; granddaughter of Waterstar and Silverrain; niece of Mistfur and Creamstripe
MISTFUR - pale ginger tabby she-cat; blue eyes; sister of Tigerdash; aunt of Coyotecall, Foxtail, and Jackalfang
ASHFOOT - dark gray tom; amber eyes; son of Nightcloud and Ravenwing; brother of Milkygaze; uncle of Shadestar, Sootflight, Ivypelt, and Panthertail
DIAMONDGAZE - thick-furred white she-cat; green eyes; sister of Cloudpool and Dawnheart
JAYWING - bluish gray tom; amber eyes
CREAMSTRIPE - pale ginger she-cat; two differently colored eyes; right is blue, left is amber; sister of Tigerdash and Mistfur; aunt of Foxtail, Jackalfang, and Coyotecall
RAVENWING - black tom; amber eyes; mate to Nightcloud; father of Milkygaze and Ashfoot; grandfather of Sootflight, Panthertail, Ivypelt, and Shadestar
DAWNHEART - white and ginger splotched she-cat; green eyes; sister of Mistfur and Tigerdash, aunt to Jackalfang, Coyotecall, and Foxtail

Cats Outside Of Clans


Other Animals


For the prologue, visit this link: http://www.quotev.com/story/5409947/Adder-In-The-Grass/2

For the 1st chapter, visit this link: http://www.quotev.com/story/5409947/Adder-In-The-Grass/3

For the 2nd chapter, visit this link: http://www.quotev.com/story/5409947/Adder-In-The-Grass/4

For the 3rd chapter, visit this link: http://www.quotev.com/story/5409947/Adder-In-The-Grass/5

For the 4th chapter, visit this link: http://www.quotev.com/story/5409947/Adder-In-The-Grass/7

For the 5th chapter, visit this link: http://www.quotev.com/story/5409947/Adder-In-The-Grass/8

For the 6th chapter, visit this link: http://www.quotev.com/story/5409947/Adder-In-The-Grass/9

For the 7th chapter, visit this link: http://www.quotev.com/story/5409947/Adder-In-The-Grass/10

Speckleleaf, Medicine Cat of Windclan
Speckleleaf's looks:
Adder In The Grass (Work-In-Progress) Cat_li10

Cometsky, Queen of ThunderClan
Cometsky's looks:
Adder In The Grass (Work-In-Progress) Untitled_by_wolfqueenkira-d9f5py1

2Adder In The Grass (Work-In-Progress) Empty cool on Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:21 pm


hi that's cool can I help?

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