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We enjoy new members and are always happy for some new roleplayers. WCC (Warrior Cats Creator) is full of fun things to do. There is a game section, a roleplay section, a Non-Warrior Cat Related section, a New Here? Section, and a Help! Section. Interested? All you have to do is register. Please, only warrior or tribe names unless you want to join BloodClan or be a Rogue/Loner/Kittypet. If you need help, always feel free to ask an Admin. If they aren't available then ask a Mod. Don't forget to tell your friends about this Site!
Hope To See You Around~ The Admins: Echostar, Cherrystar, and FawnStar.
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WindClan Medicine Cat

ModWindClan Medicine Cat

Prologue: Plane Ride

I never expected that one decision would change my entire life. And that decision was made by my parents. They decided to move from London, UK to a small town in New Jersey. I thought their actions were a bit empty-minded - for why would we move to a country that probably wouldn't understand our accent? I also thought it was unnecessary! What reason would we have to go there? And then I remembered my dream: bright lights, paparazzi, flashing cameras, movie stars, and red carpets.

But there I was: about 7 or 8 in the morning, entering the 747 with my two younger brothers, Daniel and Samuel - my parents followed. As I took my seat, I noticed a boy about my age, perhaps a year older, glance my way. He was sitting evenly with me, but he quickly looked away as my parents took their seats just behind me. My youngest brother decided to sit directly next to me, and my other younger brother sat directly in front of me.

I sighed sadly as I looked out the plane's window. As the captain's voice came over the radio, letting us know that we were about to take flight, I simply clicked my seat belt and tightened it until it was completely against my belly-button. I looked at my brother as he asked for a small pouch of peanuts from the waitress on the plane. I smirked as my dad asked the waitress if the plane served any alcoholic beverages, and my mom asked for a coffee.

The waitress looked at me, her brown eyes seemingly judging my appearance, which I didn't like at all.
"Miss, would you like anything from the trolley before we take flight, it will be a long time before we land again?" she asked me, I sensed a faint accent, perhaps French. I shook my head, she responded by clicking her tongue, followed by a sigh before she pushed the trolley onward. Yep, definitely French! I thought in my head as I watched her move farther away from where me and my family sat.

My brother Sammy giggled at how I reacted to her.
"Sis, you don't like people from different places, do you?" he asked me, thought I assume he already knew the answer to that one. For my dad had put his right hand on my right shoulder and whispered something in my ear. He told me that I should've been more grateful to the waitress, and I nodded without any contentment shown on my face.

"Good morning passengers, this is your captain speaking! At this time, I'd like to ask everyone to fastened their seat belts. We shall be lifting off in a few minutes." the radio announced. At the orders from the captain, the whole plane seemed to come alive. People were moving, chatting, babies were crying, that sort of thing. The kind of thing, where minutes before, everyone other than my family seemed were zombies, but now, it annoyed me even more than their motionless had.

Just as the captain had said, the plane started toward the runway. I kept my eyes on the asphalt as we continued moving, I still felt that this action was stupid, or it was a really bad mistake. Sighing on the inside, I was both curious about how New Jersey would be like, and also worried about whether or not I'd fit in once I get there. We lifted from the ground a few seconds later, rising at an impressive speed, but I felt it would be rather unnecessary for me to comment on it. I gasped in surprise and wonder as I stared out the window. The Atlantic Ocean was a lot bigger than I thought it was. And here I thought it really was a small world.

Behind me, my mom sipped on her tea in discontent, she had asked for a coffee, but she had found out that the waiting services didn't have a coffee machine, so she had to accept some hot water and a tea bag. I nearly jumped out of my seat as my brother touched the back of my ear with a peanut pouch, I glared in response, lifting an eyebrow as if to say "Was that really necessary?". I rolled my eyes before taking it from him; I was so tempted to open the plane window and dispose of it.

And so, I slept through possibly the longest travelling ride I've ever had. When I finally woke to my youngest brother Sammy poking me in the nose, it was nearly midnight. We had touched down in New Jersey already? That was a quicker flight than I thought it would be. But I sooner got my great first impression of the United States of America that night. We rented a hotel who I was shocked to see it was still in business. No running water, no plumbing, out in the middle of no where. Wait - I've seen this movie before!

After we slept at the hotel for the night, all five of us woke to horrible back aches. Must've been the rat-ress - I mean uh, mattresses. As my parents waved for a taxi, which I didn't even no came all the way out to No Man's Land to serve people's needs of transportation, I randomly started humming to myself, thinking of my friends I left behind at my old high school. Our taxi finally pulled up and we all crammed into the back of it. And then we were on our way. To a new life, new house, new neighbors, and new ways of embarrassment.

Chapter Two: Friendly Neighbors With Pie?

As the taxi cab pulled up to our new house, I couldn't help thinking about how I'd fit in when I go to the New Jersey high school. My parents and my brothers were all too eager to open the door to the house, I had to remind my father to pay the taxi driver. He finally paid the driver and the taxi pulled out of the driveway, almost as quickly as it had pulled in. I looked non-impressed at our new house.
When I stepped in the house, my two brothers raced each other up the stairs, maybe they're fighting for the best bedroom. But then I remembered they have to share a bedroom in this house because there's only three bedrooms upstairs, one large bathroom, and an extra room that I soon would find out gave me the creeps.
I didn't bother going over to meet our neighbors along with my parents; I was too emotional for that at the moment, I guess. As I walked up the stairs, I could hear my two brothers arguing about where they wanted their beds to be. To make room for all my school stuff, my bed, and my dresser, I decided to choose the second biggest bedroom in the house for myself. To my dislike, it was right next to my brothers' room, so I heard every word out of their mouths.
"How come you get to put your bed closest to the bathroom, I'm the one that uses it more?!" I heard my youngest brother, Samuel complain from the other room. "Because you need ma and da to complain when you wet your bed next week." Daniel responded, and I couldn't help but to let out a chuckle. "I DON'T WET MY BED ANYMORE!" yelled Sammy in response to Danny. I then heard some loud footsteps coming from the room they were in and I knew they were play-fighting - most likely.
I sighed before I went downstairs to help my parents unload the boxes from the moving van. As I stepped out the front screen door, I stopped in the entrance as I heard a feminine voice I didn't recognize. I peeked outside the exterior door and came to the conclusion that it must be one of our neighbors. She sounded friendly at least, I thought to myself as I stood there.
I finally got enough courage to step outside the house to see who the voice came from. It was a woman about mid-30s I'd say with reddish hair tied back with a red bandanna and green eyes. She was helping my father with some packages, while my mom stood close by, holding something steaming in her arms.
A pie? Since when did we get a pie? We don't even have the fridge to put it in yet, for it was coming in a separate moving van that was running a little late.
As I got nearer, I heard part of their conversation.
"Ya know, I got a daughter about your one's age who lives with her father just on the other side of town! I'm sure she can pitch in with some of your daughter's homework when she needs help." the friendly-like woman said before she glanced away from my dad and towards me. "Oh my, I didn't see you there! Hi, I'm your new neighbor! My name is Ms. Phillips, but you can simply call me by my first name Marilyn, or Mary for short." she said, smiling so hard I thought her eyes would pop out.
I smiled, not like I wanted to though, it was more of a nervous smile. I looked away, turned around, and walked towards the house. As I reached the front door, I paused for a second out of their view. I heard a disappointed-like sigh before I heard my father's voice come out and say
"She didn't like the idea of coming here on the plane ride." followed by my mom saying "Don't worry, she'll open up to you eventually.".
I finally gave in and gasped as the moving van carrying our house's furniture within it pulled in the driveway. I stepped back out of the house, almost regretting it, and looked at my dad. "Hey dad! You want to carry the furniture in first, I want to get it over with!" I shouted, making my new neighbor look like she pissed herself. "What's with the rush, cupcake?" came my dad's response. I scoffed on the inside at his response.
"Yes sweetie, can't you be nice to our new neighbor? She wasn't mean to you, in fact, she says she always wanted another neighbor." my mom supported my dad. I sighed and went into the house again, slamming the door. "Oh my, she didn't take that well." I heard my new neighbor say as I went upstairs. As I reached my brothers room, my two brothers raced by me, nearly knocking me downstairs. "I call the bunk-bed!" I heard Sammy yell.
A few hours later, all the furniture had been moved into the house. As my parents ordered pizza for the family since we hadn't earned enough money to buy cooking supplies and food to cook them with, I sat on the couch, reading a random magazine. I looked at the clothing the celebrities were wearing and I couldn't even imagine how bad they really did look if I were there in person. As I flipped to the next page and shook my head at the ugly dress the next girl was wearing, my two brothers came up and started play-fighting on the couch next to me.
I looked at them with annoyance. I was always bothered by my two brothers whenever they started tumbling over one another, and I hated whenever they did it despite being close to them. My mom always told me I was the same way when I was their age - only I play tackled the family dog. Sadly though, the dog didn't live long enough to move where we were now. I always loved that dog despite me playing rough with it, but neither me or my parents planned for the dog to get cancer and die from it. I was going to say something sarcastic to my brothers to make them take it to their room when I was caught off-guard as mom's cell phone rang.
I glanced in the phone's direction, finally finding its location - the small table in the living room 2 meters away from me. I was going to stand up and answer it when I heard my mom entering the living room from the other doorway and walking over to answer it. Probably my uncle asking if we settled into this house well, I thought nastily in my mind before my gaze returned to the magazine. I started reading an article about eating healthy before I quickly got bored, closed the magazine, and tossed it onto the lamp-holding counter to my right.
I looked up from my brothers wrestling when I heard my mom say something that I know she wouldn't say to any relative of ours. "Oh, hello, Mr. Brettson! You said you'd call! Yes, I'm glad to hear the school year starts tomorrow!" I heard my mom say. Mr. Brettson? Who's Mr. Brettson?! I thought to myself, not recognizing the last name to anyone I knew. Another neighbor perhaps? I added in thought before my mom reached out her hand to me, wanting to give me the phone. "Kathy, deary, he wants to speak with you." my mom explained.
I sat there confused before I took my mom's cell phone and raised it to my right ear.
"Hello?" I asked. The voice from the other side of the phone greeted me, its voice masculine, but ripe with the sound of age. "Greetings, Kathryn N. Brookes. I am Mr. Brettson. Principle of Oakdale High School. I've arranged for you to start your first day of your Junior year tomorrow. The school day starts early, be sure to be out at the bus stop at the corner of Helga Avenue and Courts Road at quarter to 7 at the latest." he explained to me. "B-but, my family just moved in today! I don't even have any school supplies ready for my first day! And what about my schedule?!" I stammered, biting my lip nervously.
Mr. Brettson chuckled in response, which I thought was very creepy.
"That's already been taken care of. My son will meet you at your house in the morning with your supplies and schedule. He will help you get informed and will show you to where your classes are. So please set your alarm clock for 6: 30 sharp and be up when he rings the door bell." Mr. Brettson said. I was about to protest before he hung up. I scratched my head in confusion before I returned mom's cell phone to her. "Mom! You said the school year started next week!" I shouted.


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