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Welcome to Tribe of the Rushing Water

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1Welcome to Tribe of the Rushing Water Empty Welcome to Tribe of the Rushing Water on Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:39 pm


Welcome to Tribe of the Rushing Water

You've walked for miles already up a hill with rocks. You look behind you to see the forest that you've left behind in the distance. Looking up ahead, you see a small stream of water and realizing that you are thirsty you start running to the water source. Taking licks out of water, you raise your head to smell a scent nearby and then heard a shout. "Here!" one cat hissed. You turn around to see a black tom with menacing eyes glaring at you and behind him were a group of cats all looking at you with mixed expressions; some shocked, some outrageous and some neutral. The cat that glared at you called out to one of his comrades behind him and said, "Take her to Stoneteller. She'll know what to do."
Two cats with gleaming eyes looked at you with curiosity and then one gruffly told you, "Walk. Don't try to run or we'll kill you." You flinched but did as they told. It was only a few more minutes before all three of you guys arrived at a cave and then the other cat pushed you in. "Mist," he called out, "we have found a lurking cat in the territory." A charming voice called out from the other side, "Take it in. I want to see."
As the door opened, you looked at the tabby with purple eyes. "Go, my gaurds. Continue on with your task. Thank you." As both cats left, you pawed the ground and there was silence. Finally, she spoked out loud to you, "First, tell me your name. Then, tell me why you were here. And hurry up with it can you?" You looked up with nervous eyes, "I'm Leaf. I've come up to this area because I've figured it you be a more peaceful place to live. You see, I-" Then the tabby cutted you off with a paw in the air, "I only asked you two questions. I figured you came from the forest; the scent's all over you." she wrinkled her nose. "Wash it off will you? My name is Mist That Flows Over Water. Otherwise, just Mist. I'm the Stoneteller, leader of Tribe of the Rushing Water. Hurry and get that scent off you, we'll be having a ceremony for you later. I already have a name. Oh and by the way, welcome to the tribe. Now go."


The Tribe of Rushing Water is a small tribe that lives in the mountains. They don't belong anywhere close to the clans in the forest, therefore, not believing in StarClan. Instead, the tribe believes in Tribe of Endless Hunting. The Stoneteller or Teller of the Pointed Stones is the leader of this tribe and is also the medicine cat that have the ability to see what ancestors are telling him/her to follow.
When a tribe cat is borned, the mother gives him/her a name. They become a to-be, an apprentice in the forest ways of saying words, and then a cave-gaurds or a prey-hunter.


The Tribe of Rushing Water lives up in the mountain where only few cats live. They live in a large cave with different dens such as for the medicine cat/Stoneteller, the mothers of the newborns and the prey-hunters/cave-gaurds. This territory ranges across the mountains, including a gentle stream for a water source.


  • Mouse ~ Common

  • Bird ~ Common

  • Fish ~ Common

  • Frog ~ Rare

  • Toads ~ Rare

  • Eagle ~ Uncommon

  • Finches ~ Common

  • Rabbits ~ Common


Stoneteller/Medicine Cat ~ Mist
Prey-Hunter ~ FallingFalcon
Cave-Gaurds ~
To-Be ~
Kit ~

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2Welcome to Tribe of the Rushing Water Empty Re: Welcome to Tribe of the Rushing Water on Tue Dec 23, 2014 10:55 pm


ShadowClan Warrior
ShadowClan Warrior
Well ill be prey-hunter? But long stuff above yeah?

As cats come and go
I stand here alone
No where to go
But far from home
I feel like I'm falling
I have no heart
For those who have
Met me they call me

though bitter and lone,I still wish to have one close.I don't want to be alone anymore...

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