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BloodClan: The Deadly and Elite

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1BloodClan: The Deadly and Elite Empty BloodClan: The Deadly and Elite on Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:42 pm


Dark Forest Leader
Dark Forest Leader
You pad through the dark alley. It is nighttime, and you are cold and alone. Shadows seem to dance around you, taking the form of strange yet frightening creatures. You shiver, but keep on going, your tail unconsciously tucking underneath you. Bloodthirsty-looking cats leer at you in all directions, and you can't help but flinch and pray that you'll make it through alive.
In front of you, a black cat looms over you on top of a few boxes, its eyes unsettling you very much so, the right one golden, the left one silver. "Who're you?" it snarled, and you can faintly detect that it's a female. You gulp nervously, and your ears flatten in fright, but you say nothing. Her dark aura scares you so much that you can't speak.
She jumps down, landing lightly, before circling around you. "My name is Phantom," she says, smiling sadistically, and revealing blood-stained fangs. "I am the leader of the newly rebuilt BloodClan. And who might you be?"
You squeak your name out in fright, and her eyes narrow into two bright slits, and her grin widens. Her gaze rakes you up and down. "So... Midnight... what brings you so far into BloodClan territory, eh?" You say nothing. Phantom moves backwards. "Well then... if you're not going to say anything... might as well... get rid of you." Then suddenly, without a word, she leaps at you, bloodstained claws gleaming in the moonlight, and everything goes black.

BloodClan Territory

BloodClan lives in Twolegplace, where the ground is hard, there are many noises, and the stench of Twolegs and their monsters fills the air. To Clan cats, who are completely used to the forest, walking through the dirty alleys in Twolegplace is like being deaf, blind, and lame. In the town where BloodClan lives, there are many, many, cats, and live prey is scarce, so many of the BloodClan cats enter the forest to scrounge for prey. Near the Twolegplace where BloodClan lives, there is a Thunderpath, and a park. BloodClan's main headquarters is a dark alley, that lies on the very edge of the town. It is abandoned, and no twolegs ever go there anymore. This is where the BloodClan leader and deputy are usually camped out.

BloodClan is a dangerous group of elite and feral cats who have banded together. They are highly trained fighters, whose harsh lifestyles contribute to their strength and fortitude. Their claws are usually reinforced with dog or cat teeth. Some also wear armor made from the skulls of other animals.  

Clan Information

Usually, BloodClan cats do not believe in StarClan or the warrior code. However, with Phantom being a part of the clans, when she took over, she was able to convert their beliefs and let them know that StarClan really did exist, and so did the Dark Forest. BloodClan do not follow them, nor the warrior code (sorta). Instead, they believe in and are followers of the Dark Forest, and Phantom and the Dark Forest leader have communicated back and forth sometimes through dreams. The BloodClan leader, however, still is not granted nine lives.

Many cats of BloodClan like to impale their collars with both dog and/or cat teeth. Most of them also reinforce their claws with said teeth, making their attacks all the more dangerous.


  • Rat - Common
  • Vole - Common
  • Mice - Uncommon
  • Fish - Rare
  • Squirrel - Uncommon
  • Rabbit - Uncommon
  • Robin - Common
  • Crow - Common
  • Pigeon - Common


Leader: Vinyl
Medicine Cat:

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2BloodClan: The Deadly and Elite Empty Re: BloodClan: The Deadly and Elite on Mon Dec 22, 2014 5:37 am


BloodClan Warrior
BloodClan Warrior
Hey, I'm not sure whether I can post here, but basically I'm applying for the Deputy/Head-Warrior Position in BC!

I think that I should be the head-warrior for BC. I think this because I am already a head-warrior in the clan on a seperate RP site ) so I have a good experience of ruling a clan such as this. Another reason is that I am an administrator on WCP, so clearly I am responsible and sensible in a RP scenario. The character I am using is already in use. This means I already have a bio, picture and a clear image of his attitude.

I really think you should join WCP aswell. xD

We hide in the darkest corner of the world. Many a moon ago we were forced into the streets. Who are you to judge? BloodClan is strong once more. Clans fear my wicked tooth and claw.We cannot fail this time. We cannot afford to fail. All hail Phantom, Leader of BloodClan. Long live the Queen.

I am Satan. I am the merciless, I am the one. I pity you, and you envy me. I am the cat, that cat your parents warned you about. Not even my mother and father survived my wicked claw. I doubt you will, mortal.

My character's name is not referencing the devil in any way or form. I apologize in advance for any offence it may cause. I repeat again, it is not referencing in any way or form to the sins of the devil, and is merely a name.  Smile  

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