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1Hollow Empty Hollow on Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:22 pm


Void Secondary
Void Secondary
Personnel Traits

Name: Hollow
Alias: Holo, The Chronicler
Age: 19 Moons
Gender: Tom
Personality: Hollow is an anti-social, introvert, and socially awkward Warrior. He hides most of his feelings and hates showing signs of weakness. He doesnt know how to show signs of affection for others, but when he does love some one, he tries to distance himself from them, worried that he'd hurt them. When his "friends" are in need of help, he doesnt hesitate to help them in whatever way possible. He is actually very friendly and kind to others, but in truth, he hates meeting new people and crowds. Because of his power, he feels pressured to do much of anything; such as corrupting the past and accidentally killing a fellow warrior in the present. Only on occasion does he feel possessive over the things he is comfortable with; he'd want to keep the things he loves close to him even if it means harming them, which results in this contradicting the above. Hollow isnt very territorial but he does like his own little space for being alone, so he'd attack those who get too close for his own comfort, but he wouldnt necessarily physically hurt them. At times, he too can be very cold-hearted; pushing away others because he hates what he is and who others are (this was a result from traveling in time to see a few warrior's pasts...). There are times where when given a comfortable situation, he'll act like any normal fellow Warrior, trying to enjoy his time. Though all in all, he contradicts himself greatly, seemingly like he has a split personality; this is all because of a mishap in his past. In fact, the above is only part of what he currently acts like.
History: This is just a little summary, of course I have much more to add, later on.
Dont mind my grammar and odd transitions:
Despite appearing 19 moons old, Hollow has actually been alive for 200 seasons (50 years (3.3 life-spans of a cat(assuming the average life-span of a cat is 15 yrs))). How? Well, he is the embodiment of time, a Chronicler, controller of everything time related, meaning that he can even control his own life time. Although this may seemingly sound like immortality, an awful side affect is the mental brutality this conflicts.
For being alive so long, he's had thoughts of suicide, but he never wants to die, not with such a beautiful power. He has undergone denial of his past, but he knows he could never forget anything, not with his ability as he could recall all that he has seen in his life...

It all began when He was born, of course. His mother was a Primary Void Universal, and his father was a particularly handsome, wild tom. After giving birth to Him, the mother had perished when her kit was at the age of four, on a frosty night. She wouldnt have died from the cold though, she died of His swift taking of her power. The father hadnt known of the ability, and just assumed it was the cold that killed her. After a month of grieving, His father thought it would be a fine idea teaching his son how to hunt; which lead to the utmost of failures, with Him unknowingly of His power, hunting pathetically with His father. Eventually, He got the hang of it but only when He realized that by doing a little something, He was able to pounce on a flattened bird, killing it soon after. The marking on His forehead was assumed to be a scar from attacking rats one evening, which was actually the mark of being a Void, in the inactive state.
After turning 6 moons old, His father began to teach Him fighting techniques, that evidently, in time, He got to pinning His father without His father not being able to move. Soon into 8 moons, He learned more than enough fighting/hunting skills as He was a quick learner, but His father still held no thought of His power. It was only into 9 moons of age, that He and his father were attacked by rouges, leaving Him beside His bleeding out father. He hadnt a clue then, as to what He'd do. Of course, secretly He had instinctively knew already quite a few things about His ability. It was only then that He was able to tell his dying father that He had the ability to meddle with space. Shocked, the father and his son lay there side by side; he didnt want to believe it but told his son that whatever happens in the future, He shouldnt mess with others' existence within the space they live. In the morning, the father was stone cold, soon to be buried near his mate's grave.
Entering into 11 moons, He had got by on his own, until He met fellow Universals. They had been looking for him actually, as only 8 moons ago, they had lost touch with a Void Universal. The marking on his forehead was more than enough to let the others know that He was one of them, thus now His true training began. He was taught by the others all He needed to know for years to come. By the age of 16 moons, He knew more than enough, as did the others; eventually they had each settled on a small rocky hill top (in the mountainous territories years before the clans arrival). Reaching 17 moons, He thought it was high time He got a little wild with the she-cats. Day by day, He'd have different she-cats visit him at night, which continued until He was 18 moons when He finally found someone He desired to be with. The two got together, along with warnings from another Universal that He should beware of what may come in the future. Being as stupid as He was at the time, He heeded him not.
Love struck, He foolishly let her wait in the distance as He got a surprise ready for her. Hearing screams, He ran to her and made it in time to see her get horribly shredded by the local, starved foxes. He would have used His powers to save her if it wasnt for other Universal's aide in disposing of the foxes; He couldnt have saved her anyway, because of the way she died.
Moving onto 19 moons, He became hungry for power, for revenge, fueled by hate of that day. The other Universal's ignored him countless times, thinking He'd get over the past, but the only reason He hadnt done anything else that day was because of his father's last words. If those words hadnt held him back on that day, things would be different. Going on a rampage, He attacked stray cats in the territory as he knew they couldnt put up a good fight. He slaughtered many, watching as their lives ended abruptly in front of his claws.
It was only then that His Soul-Bound Partner came up with the brilliant idea, as he fought along side Him. A horrendous, greedy idea that with their combined powers, they could live forever. He hadnt known what His friend was scheming at the time, but it was too late when Rain had His life stolen from Him that day...

This past, is of course, unknown to those of today. Even the Universals have no idea of this, including Hollow's past. All they would know of is that Hollow is the most senior warrior of their kind, which would be strange considering that he is only 19 moons old...

Physical Traits

Breed of Cat: Russian Blue
Height: 24 Cm
Weight  3.4 Kg
Color of Eyes: Bright, pale sky blue with a hint of teal. Due to a disease, he has red rings around his iris'.
Appearance: His fur color is a dark grey with sky bluish teal markings on his forelegs and under his eyes. He has a light blue ring on his left paw in memory of his past life. On his tail, he has three odd permanent pale blue/purple markings, which glows when his power is activated. He has darker grey specks on his pelt and a dark grey nose. His fur is overall soft, and has sharp dark claws.
His markings glow a pale, ghostly blue with a tinge of teal when his powers are activated.
Physical Strengths: He is an excellent climber of trees and other terrain. He is very swift/agile and sly + flexible.
Physical Weakness: He is not the best at swimming and he doesnt have the best defense.

Mental Traits

Interests: He enjoys the forest and its entirety. He loves silence along with the whisper of the wind, including the rustle of leaves.
Dislikes: Loud noises, fish, twolegs.
Fears: Losing his Soul Bond partner, reminders of his past
Mental Strengths: He is quite clever and sensible. He knows how to face his time and with being intelligent, can make sense out of any point of time. He also remembers everything he's ever done or experienced, so he's been noted as a great memory keeper.
Mental Weaknesses: Sometimes, he thinks impulsively, mainly out of emotion or ambition. Sometimes when using his abilities, his mental state can deteriorate due to horrendous sights that befall him.

Social Status

Tribe/Clan: The Universals (Void)
Rank: Secondary
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Kits: N/A
Soul Bond: Rain...

Extra: As for being a Secondary, he is part of the Void Element; being able to control Time.
Due to having a rare disease, he experiences seldom migraines, unnatural sickly looking glowing eyes, tears of blood, and occasional delirium.

RP Sample: Errr, I'll get to it later...

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2Hollow Empty Re: Hollow on Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:43 pm


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
Looks alright with me. Though make sure to finish up your history and rp sample eventually.


Also, would you like your name changed?

UL: 2113406120

<(◣_◢)>▂▄▅▆▇█ Cherrystar █▇▆▅▄▂<(◔‿◔)>
V. 1:
Hollow Cherry10
V. 2:
Hollow Cres_110


3Hollow Empty Re: Hollow on Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:31 pm


SkyClan Warrior
SkyClan Warrior

4Hollow Empty Re: Hollow on Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:37 pm


Void Secondary
Void Secondary
Cherrystar, yes please.

And hello, Wrenstar, my fine leader. Smile

5Hollow Empty Re: Hollow on Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:02 pm


Main Admin
ThunderClan Leader

Main AdminThunderClan Leader
Accepted. And thanks for filling it out. (Not all of our brand new members do it right away.

The Admin.
The leader of Thunderclan.
The daring and impossible cat.

Beware if you are my enemy.
For that is a very bad path to take.
Beware as long as I still crawl.
Through the black of night.
Beware if you think you can defeat me.
Try, learn the hard way...
There's no messing with me!



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