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Character Looks

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1Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Character Looks on Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:59 am


Main Admin
ThunderClan Leader

Main AdminThunderClan Leader
First topic message reminder :

Hello Freinds~
To help describe your character and for fun as well, you may fill in this cat picture to fit what you look like. I found this on a website so give them the credit. Here is the link:

Link To cat maker
You don't have to but it'll be fun! I'm still working on mine. Tell me if the link doesn't work.

The Admin.
The leader of Thunderclan.
The daring and impossible cat.

Beware if you are my enemy.
For that is a very bad path to take.
Beware as long as I still crawl.
Through the black of night.
Beware if you think you can defeat me.
Try, learn the hard way...
There's no messing with me!



51Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:36 am


SkyClan Leader
SkyClan Leader
You did choose the bottom link it shows you right? and also use the insert image button

52Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:50 pm


SkyClan Medicine Cat
SkyClan Medicine Cat
Here's mine

Character Looks - Page 3 Cinder10

53Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:21 pm


RiverClan Medicine Cat
RiverClan Medicine Cat
I don't remember. It was a while back.

"Let me tell you about scared. Your heart is beating so hard I can feel it through your hands. There's so much blood and oxygen pumping through you brain it's like rocket fuel. Right now you could run faster and you can fight harder. You can jump higher than ever in your life and you are so alert it's like you can slow down time. What's wrong with scared? Scared is a superpower! Your superpower! There is danger in this room. And guess what? It's you."
"I don't belong here."

54Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:23 pm


Here's Moonwind

Character Looks - Page 3 Moonwi10

55Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:21 am


ShadowClan Deputy
ShadowClan Deputy
Heres Flowerscar Smile

Character Looks - Page 3 <a href=Character Looks - Page 3 Screen10" />


56Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Fri Oct 28, 2016 4:56 pm


My Cat![/url] I could not figure out how to do the disign so I was hoping you could help!

57Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:01 pm


[url=.imghttp://www.dolldivine.com/create-a-cat.php./img].imghttp://www.dolldivine.com/create-a-cat.php./img[/url] Laughing Sorry it didnt work as a picture.

58Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:03 am


ShadowClan Medicine Cat
ShadowClan Medicine Cat
Darkheart has a gray coat with a white under belly and white socks on all her feat. She has a black taby style ontop of her gray coat.She is missing her right eye and her left ear. on her right ear she has two notches on it. Her eyes are red. Razz . The link worked but I had no way to save it so I could not put the picture up.

59Character Looks - Page 3 Empty how do i post the link to the cat? on Thu Dec 29, 2016 6:49 am


i don't know how to post the link to the cat i made

60Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:59 pm

Night flower

Um. I really want to get a picture of a cool cat i found on google. How the heck do I frickin do I do that???!!! X/*\x aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Help??

61Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:48 am



62Character Looks - Page 3 Empty Re: Character Looks on Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:25 pm


Hey, Storm, i PMed you a couple messages!

Silverleopard is a light grayish-silver she-cat with lighter gray
             leopard-like spots, muzzle and orange eyes with amber flecks.

"They don't know." she said as she pressed her silver paw against his. "We're safe." He lay down with her and wrapped his long tail around her shoulder. "I know.." "I have something very important to tell you." she whispered in his ear, "Yes..?" She sighed and spoke.

    Character Looks - Page 3 Silver17



Memories never change, but attitudes do.~Silverleopard

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