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Warrior Cats Creator » Joining the Community » Character Creation » Phantom, Dark Forest

Phantom, Dark Forest

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1 Phantom, Dark Forest on Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:08 pm


Dark Forest Leader
Dark Forest Leader
Personal Traits

Name: Phantom
Alias: Darkkit/paw/fang (former), She-Demon
Age: 24 moons, now dead
Gender: She-cat
Personality: Phantom is a cold-hearted cat, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of others, causing most of them to apologize immediately, fearing that they might invoke her wrath. She is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough. She's also extremely intimidating, easily frightening weaker opponents with just her glare. Phantom is a born killer who shows no mercy during combat, and has no qualms of killing whoever gets in her way. She is cold and apathetic, not hesitating to injure her own allies if irritated. She is, more often than not, willing to leave those who slow her down behind, even if it means their death and especially if she doesn't know them. She is a master at manipulating, and is a very cunning, vicious, and devious cat. Most like to call her insane, and that's exactly what she is. A cold, insane and chaotic individual who cares nothing for the lives of others. Her personality can change within an instant; One minute she's a cold, reclused individual, and the next she's a maniac out for blood.
History: Phantom was born in WindClan to Swiftheart and Foxclaw. Her name at the time was Darkkit, and she had an older sister called Mistkit. They became apprentices together, soon. They earned the warrior names Darkfang and Mistfeather. But soon after, both abandoned WindClan. Mistfeather's reason was unknown, but she joined the Tribe of Rushing Water, and became their Stoneteller, taking on the name Mist That Flows Over Water. Darkfang, on the other hand, decided that WindClan was too weak, and she wanted to become more powerful. She built BloodClan back up again, but this time she turned it into more of a clan. They were more closely knitted now, and protected and hunted for each other, but they were still viscous and feral fighters. Darkfang changed her name to Phantom, and became BloodClan's new leader. And then she died and joined the Dark Forest.

The end.

Physical Traits

Breed of Cat: Bombay
Height: 27 cm
Weight: 6 lb
Color of Eyes: The right is golden, the left is silver
Appearance: A battle-scarred, pure black she-cat with a lithe and lean build. Her most noticeable features are her multi-colored eyes, with the right being golden, the left silver. She has a rather long tail, perfect for balance. She refused to wear a collar studded with teeth, as even though she left, she is still a clanborn cat, and wearing a collar, in her opinion, is absolutely revolting, and uncomfortable. Her claws, however, are reinforced with sharp dog teeth. She also has a scar over her left eye, a result from a battle against a forest cat.
Physical Strengths: She can easily convince any cat do to her bidding if that cat doesn't have an extremely strong will to defend against her persuasiveness. Also, as a former WindClan warrior, she's very light and quick on her feet, and used to be known as one of the fastest warriors of the forest. She possesses great acrobatic and fighting skills, alongside astonishingly lightning fast reflexes and agility, and is very stealthy, part of the reason why her name is now Phantom.
Physical Weakness: She is an absolutely horrible swimmer, and hates water, besides drinking it. She's had a few bad experiences with swimming, and being WindClan-born, she hates the water even more.

Mental Traits

Interests: Phantom is a cat who loves to train. And torture.
Dislikes: Annoying and/or irritating people, idiots, water (besides drinking it)
Fears: She is a bold and fearless leader. She has no fears, and likes think that she's the epitome of fear herself. Besides, she's already in hell. Nothing's mor scarier than that.
Mental Strengths: She has a strong will, and will never back down from a fight, no matter how dangerous it is. Sometimes, it's just her will and pride that keeps her going in a fight, even if the rest of her wants to surrender.
Mental Weaknesses: She is stubborn and arrogant, and likes to make her own decisions without anyone else helping her out. She hates having to be helped by other cats, as she feels that makes her seem weak in other cats' eyes, and that's the last thing she needs.

Social Status

Tribe/Clan: Dark Forest
Rank: Leader
Father - Foxclaw (deceased)
Mother - Swiftheart (deceased)
Sister - Mist That Flows Over Water/Mist (older, alive)
Mate: N/A
Kits: N/A

Extra: N/A

RP Sample: Phantom paced restlessly in her little makeshift den. Her deputy poked his/her head in, a slightly worried look on his face. "Phantom, are you alright?" he asked, concerned. Phantom waved him off airily with her tail. "No, no. I'm fine. Thank you for your concern." She clawed the floor with her reinforced claws, an agitated air around her. What is going on? Something was wrong. Completely wrong. All her senses were tingling, like someone had just switched them on.

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2 Re: Phantom, Dark Forest on Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:40 am


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
This looks just fine. ACCEPTED.

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