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Warrior Cats Creator » Fun Stuff! » Fan-Art+Stories » Backstory » Woodkit, Snowkit, and Sandkit

Woodkit, Snowkit, and Sandkit

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1 Woodkit, Snowkit, and Sandkit on Thu Dec 31, 2015 4:58 pm


SkyClan Deputy
SkyClan Deputy
The kits had been born earlier that morning. Marigoldfur looked proudly at the three small bundles nestled in the nest and snuggled up against her. She smiled.
"I've heard that there have been new kits," the leader said as he stepped into the nursery.
"Yes," replied Marigoldfur softly.
"What are their names?" He asked
"Woodkit," Marigoldfur said, as she pointed to the largest one, who was dark brown. "Snowkit," she said as she gestured to the smallest one, who was pure white. "And... hmm... I haven't thought of a name for this little one yet."
"What about Sandkit," another queen sitting in the nursery said.
"Sandkit, that's a perfect name. It fit's my little darling so perfectly!" Cried Marigoldfur happily.

The medicine cat raced over to Cleanfoot the second he entered camp.
"Cleanfoot, have you heard? You're a father now!" she exclaimed excitedly.
Cleanfoot raced immediately to the nursery, he was very happy. He burst through and gasped when he saw Marigoldfur and the kits.
"Marigoldfur, their... their perfect!"
"I know, Cleanfoot," Marigold said joyfully. "I'll tell you their names."


2 Re: Woodkit, Snowkit, and Sandkit on Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:40 pm


RiverClan Queen
RiverClan Queen
This is a great backstory! Better than I could ever do Very Happy

~Never Give Up On Your Dreams~
~N'abandonne Jamais Tes RĂªves~

-Fawnbreeze Razz Rolling Eyes

3 Re: Woodkit, Snowkit, and Sandkit on Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:42 pm


SkyClan Deputy
SkyClan Deputy
Oh my god, I forgot I even wrote this... Well, now that I've started it, I've probably got to finish it. Thank you for the compliment, and the reminder!

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