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'Sup? I'm Lily c: Pokeball_kitty_gif

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'Sup? I'm Lily c:

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1'Sup? I'm Lily c: Empty 'Sup? I'm Lily c: on Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:15 pm


Hello, WCC! I'm Lilystorm, but feel free to call me Lily or something of your own... CREATIVITY

((I love messing around with the Forumotion codes x3))

I'm not really up to date on the books, mainly because I fazed out after the first book of Dawn of the Clans. Since then I've been taking advantage of the summer and my freedom from school by roaming the wide prairie known as the "Interwebs." Razz

﴾ᶱᴥᶱ﴿  ﴾ᶱᴥᶱ﴿  ﴾ᶱᴥᶱ﴿

I do have RP experience on forums and should know what I'm doing when it comes to Roleplay, so we're all set on that. However, like most new members, I have some questions (and suggestions).

For starters, what's the number of characters per account and the maximum number of accounts minus the addition in the Star Points Shop? I saw something about three characters when I was looking through it - and I may be overthinking it a little - but I wasn't sure what you meant by it.

Would you want us to fill out the Profile C.S. along with the forum one? If so, I'm slightly confused about Agility Level and Intellect Level. How to you gauge those?

As a final note on the "Question-y" part of my introduction (can it really be considered an introduction anymore? Razz), I'd suggest updating the Clank Ranks topic. It can get kind of difficult to manage, yes, but it's kind of confusing seeing that some positions are open/taken, looking through the forum a bit more, and then finding out that they've been filled/reopened.

﴾ᶱᴥᶱ﴿  ﴾ᶱᴥᶱ﴿  ﴾ᶱᴥᶱ﴿

As for my character, I think I'll let her introduce herself...

Hello, I am Lilystorm. I was born and raised in WindClan to be a warrior, as were many of my comrades. I'm a Lilac-Point Siamese with bright blue eyes, but I'm not the tallest cat around. I'm slightly taller than average, but not by too much. I enjoy running around the territory and I'm often very calm and relaxed, only reacting with true urgency if the situation is really major or a threat against me/my Clan. I find myself serious with a pitiful humor of my own, but I will laugh at others' jokes. I do take care of my Clan, though, and I'm sometimes noted as humble because I put my Clanmates before myself. Usually, I eat as close to last as I can get out of everyone else. I like making sure that they're full before I take my own pick. I don't suppose you guys want me talking about myself for too much longer, so I'll be giving the controls back to the twoleg. Farewell, for now.

So those are just a few points that I've determined will make their way into my character. I'm still deciding strengths, weaknesses, and everything like that, but I figured I should give a little insight on personality and have her talk a bit about her appearance.
Just for clarification, please note that I don't actually RP in that perspective. I just felt like doing a cute little first person thing. Very Happy

﴾ᶱᴥᶱ﴿  ﴾ᶱᴥᶱ﴿  ﴾ᶱᴥᶱ﴿

So there you go! That's my brief introduction and a couple of questions and such. I'd appreciate some answers on those questions. Otherwise, I'll see you all later c:

Last edited by Lilystorm on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:13 pm; edited 1 time in total

2'Sup? I'm Lily c: Empty Re: 'Sup? I'm Lily c: on Tue Jul 07, 2015 9:54 am


WindClan Warrior
WindClan Warrior
I am glad that you are a part of WindClan. Smile

3'Sup? I'm Lily c: Empty Re: 'Sup? I'm Lily c: on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:06 pm


As am I. It's nice to know there's an active leader, too! Smile

Cheer! CREATIVITY Cheer!


'Sup? I'm Lily c: Siam_lilacpoint

This is WindClan.
Let us Race with the Wind.

4'Sup? I'm Lily c: Empty Re: 'Sup? I'm Lily c: on Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:54 am


ShadowClan Leader

AdminShadowClan Leader
Welcome to WCC, Lilystorm. I am glad that you chose to join us, especially since we are so small. I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to join any RPG topics anytime.

First off your questions. I truly don't think Echostar has set a limit on characters per account or a maximum on characters either. I read through a few topics and I haven't seen anything set for them. Either I missed it or it truly isn't there. You did have a good question and I believe us admins will begin talking about the character limit to see if we had one or need one.

To another matter I like how you have designed Lilystorm and how you chose to do a perspective in first person. I hardly see those around.

As I said before, thank you for joining us. I believe that with more people active it will bring more. I hope to see you around often. :33

'Sup? I'm Lily c: Scc
I know why I'm different. she thought.
She flipped her head, the tuft of fur flying from her right eye.
Instead of the sky blue color of her left eye,
she had a mystical color.
Her right eye was purple with a white moon in the center of her pupil.


'Sup? I'm Lily c: Shadow10
'Sup? I'm Lily c: Cutesh10

5'Sup? I'm Lily c: Empty Re: 'Sup? I'm Lily c: on Sat Jul 11, 2015 4:58 pm


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
Hello, Lilystorm! Glad to meet you. Smile
Like Fawnstar said, us Admins will revise on how many characters each person on one account can hold or how many separate accounts one person can have. For now, lets just say you can have only 3 active separate accounts...
Thanks for pointing out the Clan Ranking, yes it does need fixing and eventually Fawn, Echo or I will attend to it. Sorry for its confusing-ness.
For the Character Sheets, you only need to make a topic about it on the forum, you dont need to pay any attention to the one on your profile. I'll probably remove it soon anyway...
Well, I hope I helped somewhat. If you have any other questions or suggestions, PLEASE TYPE AWAY. It is really helpful, especially for a website such as this. Razz
So, i'm glad we now have you as a member and I cant wait to roleplay with you sometime! Seeya around~

UL: 2113406120

<(◣_◢)>▂▄▅▆▇█ Cherrystar █▇▆▅▄▂<(◔‿◔)>
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'Sup? I'm Lily c: Cherry10
V. 2:
'Sup? I'm Lily c: Cres_110


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