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Cat Information (WIP)

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1 Cat Information (WIP) on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:31 pm


ShadowClan Warrior
ShadowClan Warrior

I was searching for cat breeds and I decided that I'd start reading more into the functions of cats. So, I will do a really simplified kind of version of what I found. Of course, it's in my own words.


Sight - Cats have the ability to see in the dark, which is created by the tapetum lucidum, or a layer of retina that sends light passing to the back of the eye. The nicitating membrane, or the third eyelid, is a sign of sickness. It is visible when a cat is ill, or when they open their eyelids from a nap.

Sound - Cats have the ability to hear levels above humans. Cats' earflaps, or pinnae, swivel, and allow themselves to be almost completely turned around. They can tell within a 7.5 centimeter distance (three inches), where a sound is being made from that is a yard or so away (91 centimeters). This is useful in hunting.

Scent - Cats have a 14x stronger ability to scent than humans. When they must scent, they open their mouths, to "taste the air." This is because they have an organ on the roof of their mouth called the vomeronasal. This allows them to scent.

Touch - Cats have twenty-four whiskers (vibrissae) that have the capability to move. This is a help with navigation and hunting. Cats also will attempt to touch prey with their whiskers once caught, to ensure that it is proper.


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