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A SkyClan Guide

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1 A SkyClan Guide on Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:02 pm


SkyClan Warrior
SkyClan Warrior
Other cats may climb trees, but they are our domain.

You move through the trees, in a hunter's crouch that you think is silent. Around you, birds chirp, and flowers bloom along the bases of large trees with branches both low and high. Many of these branches bear at least one claw mark, a forewarning of who resides here. You don't listen to this warning, and instead move on into the territory, your ears pricked for any sound.
However, no sounds came until a cat was already on you, bowling you over seemingly from nowhere, landing with you somehow on your back on the forest floor. A tom with a spotted pelt much like the great cats of old stood above you, his yellow eyes bright with excitement. Above him, a pair of green eyes peered out of a tree high up. Had he... jumped... from there?
"Hello!" the tom said brightly. "I'm Wrenstar. Did you know you're on SkyClan territory?"
"What?" you reply, your voice soft with shock. Why wasn't this tom attacking? You were on his territory, after all.  
"SkyClan! Clan of the Trees! Home to the best tree climbers in all the forest! Nobody else can compare! SkyClan is the best, after all!"

SkyClan Information

SkyClan is the fifth of the 5 great clans. SkyClan cats are typically cats with strongly built hind legs, which allow them to jump great heights or distances inherited from their ancestors, ancient SkyClan. They have rough, hard gray pads which help them to jump and walk long distances on hard, rough surfaces without breaking skin, which makes them infected. This feature allows them to climb and hunt in the trees, hence the name SkyClan. They are very powerful cats, eating mainly squirrels, mice, and many kinds of birds.

SkyClan Territory

SkyClan lives in a gorge at the end of the river. The dens are small caves in the cliffs of the gorge that used to have tiny rat clawmarks, but were then covered them up as a sign of their victory in their great battle with the rats. They jump high into the trees with their powerful limbs to catch their prey, and have some attack moves dealing with the trees.

Camp - The camp is located at the base of a steep gorge, making it a tad difficult to be attacked.

Skyrock - is where the leader makes announcements to the Clan. It's at the top of the gorge, so the Clan has a full view of the leader.

Sandy Gorge - is the hunting territory of SkyClan, and is located around the gorge. Though it is called Sandy Gorge, much of it is filled with trees save one stretch of sand and rocks, which is the true Sandy Gorge.

Rockpile - is a pile of rocks where the warriors place the prey that they have caught. It is also used, as well as the Skyrock, when the leader makes their announcements.

Hunting Glen A little glen behind camp filled with sand often used for training.

Sky-High Oak The tallest tree in any of the clan forests, apprentices are often asked to climb it as part of their assessment.

The River A river forms the border of SkyClan, and lies well behind the camp, behind a large forest of trees.

SkyClan Ranks

Leader Wrenstar
Medicine Cat
Medicine Cat Apprentice

SkyClan Prey

Mice ~ Common
Shrews ~ Common
Sparrows ~ Common
Hawk ~ Extremely Rare
Snake ~ Uncommon
Rabbit ~ Common
Hare ~ Uncommon
Jays ~ Common
Finch ~ Common
Eagles ~ Extremely Rare

SkyClan's destiny is that we will never live in isolation from other cats. We're not like the forest Clans; we can't shut ourselves off entirely from kittypets and rogues. And visitors will be welcome.

Notice something that needs to be added? PM Wrenstar.

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