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Wrenstar, Leader of SkyClan

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1Wrenstar, Leader of SkyClan Empty Wrenstar, Leader of SkyClan on Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:15 pm


SkyClan Warrior
SkyClan Warrior
Personal Traits

Name: Wrenstar ((Warrior name was Wrenfall))
Alias: Wren is pretty much the only other name he gets.
Age: As of right now, 25 moons.
Gender: Tom
Personality: Wrenstar is a very friendly, uninhibited tom. He says what he wants, what he means, and doesn't ever regret it. If he insults you, you're probably taking him way to seriously. On the other hand, he's stern when it comes to rules being broken, though not overly so. You can tell he's being serious, simply because he becomes so much so that it's almost a completely different tom. Most cats would find themselves liking him when meeting him. He's just charismatic like that, putting other cats at ease when he meets them. All and all, Wrenstar is a friendly, social being.  
History: Before he was even born, Wrenstar was a bit strange. His mother wasn't even of SkyClan, but ThunderClan, a she-cat by the name of Sunrose, while his father was of SkyClan, a tom by the name of Rocktail. When he was born, a decision was made to split Wren and his sister, Echokit, now Echostar of ThunderClan, between the clans. Wrenstar doesn't know why, and he's too laid back to particuarly care. Since then, he grew up in SkyClan, and ended up becoming deputy even though his personality was a bit flighty for it. His skill in leadership, and his strictness on rules makes up for it.

Physical Traits

Breed of Cat: Bengal Cat
Height: 18 inches
Weight 11 pounds
Color of Eyes: Yellow
Wrenstar, Leader of SkyClan Jimsmarty3mo1smWrenstar, Leader of SkyClan Jimsmarty3mo2smWrenstar, Leader of SkyClan Jimsmarty3mo4smWrenstar, Leader of SkyClan Jimsmarty3mo5sm
Physical Strengths: Like most SkyClan cats, Wrenstar is extremely apt at climbing trees, and is also very agile. His ThunderClan lineage has also left him stronger than a normal SkyClan cat, but not as strong as a ThunderClan cat.
Physical Weakness: Wrenstar's fur, which is thick, makes him rather unfond of water, and therefore, he never learned to swim very well. Last time he tried, he nearly drowned.

Mental Traits

Interests: SkyClan and it's safebeing, as well as sparrow, tree climbing, and playing with kits.
Dislikes: He absolutely hates water, and anything to do with it. He also doesn't really like to eat shrew. Otherwise, he doesn't really dislike much.
Fears: Water. As well as this, he is extremely scared of failing SkyClan or something else he is meant to be protecting.
Mental Strengths: Being a generally happy being, Wrenstar is very hard to anger. When he does get angry, it's a bit scary, but usually he's just happy. He's good with strategizing, whether it be for battle or planning how to better fortify the camp. In this way, he's intelligent, but he's not genius level intelligent.
Mental Weaknesses: Wrenstar is WAY too trusting. He'd probably be a good target for a stab in the back if it came along, which isn't a very good target to be.

Social Status

Tribe/Clan: SkyClan
Rank: Leader
Rocktail ~ Father
Sunrose ~ Mother
Echostar ~ Sister
Mate: N/A
Kits: Noooone.


RP Sample: Wisp found herself captured out of her own complete stupidity. Venturing out of her little den she'd dug in the snow, she made her way towards her typical training area, bouncing excitedly. Reaching a clear area, she took to the sky, her claws leaving deep furrows in the ground as she took off. She glided easily on the updrafts, before coming to a frozen lake, the only evidence of previous activity being a patch of thinner ice in the middle where Wisp had previously gone swimming. Or, had attempted to anyway. Closing her wings, she dipped down to the ground into the clearing to the left of the lake, snorting happily at the poof of snow that accompanied her arrival. She made her way towards her latest pitfall prank/trap she'd been working on. Crouching down next to it, she nosed the entrance lightly, curious if it had been affected any while she was gone. After a moment, satisfied that nothing was different, she turned, planning to get some weak branches to lay over it. Planning.... she never got to it. She'd barely opened her wings before they were trapped back to her sides. Letting out a roar of confusion, Wisp fell to the ground turning her head and letting out a multitude of ice shards in the relative direction it had come from. Then another sharp poke hit her side, and fuzziness began to overcome her vision. Within moments that fuzziness turned into dark shapes, and from dark shapes, into complete, and suffocating, black.

2Wrenstar, Leader of SkyClan Empty Re: Wrenstar, Leader of SkyClan on Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:41 am


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
This is perfect-ish. ACCEPTED.

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