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KestrelFeather, Medicine of Blood

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1 KestrelFeather, Medicine of Blood on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:02 pm


BloodClan Medicine Cat
BloodClan Medicine Cat
Personnel Traits

Name: KestrelFeather
Alias: Kestrel(Rogue name)
Age: 24 Moons
Gender: She-Cat
Personality: KestrelFeather is, in a word, snarky and sarcastic. Nearly the exact opposite of what you would expect from a medicine cat. She's not rude, but she's not the most social cat you'll ever meet. She is far from lovey-dovey, and if you end up in her care, you'll be as good as new as fast as she can get you out of there. She does her job well, and she does her job fast. She almost hates company, and much prefers being alone.

Physical Traits

Breed of Cat: Silver Tabby
Height: 1 foot 1 inch at the shoulder
Weight Ten pounds
Color of Eyes: Green
Appearance: It's pretty simple. She's a small silver tabby cat with ark grey stripes and a lighter patch on her chest. See profile picture.
Physical Strengths: She's powerful, despite her small build. Her life as a rogue toughening her up and putting her in good shape, even if she was slightly underfed.
Physical Weakness: She's small, meaning that anyone larger than her can overpower her if her quick thinking doesn't think fast enough. She's at a disadvantage due to her small size and build much more suited for agility.

Mental Traits

Interests: She's obsessive about finding herbs, and always manages to keep a fresh stock of everything. Even catnip, somehow. She-oddly enough-rather likes water, but this is a secret she keeps.
She wanders off on her own quite often, but she's capable of defending herself, despite being a medicine cat.
Dislikes: Crowds/company. Low stock of herbs. Snakes
Fears: She's not one for snakes. She finds them repulsive and stays away from them, but it's not quite a fear.
Mental Strengths: She's very strong mentally, being a medicine cat. She's oddly perceptive to emotions, even if she doesn't show it. She has an excellent memory-as it's needed to be a medicine cat-and is very perceptive and sharp with many things.
Mental Weaknesses: She's not one for tactics. She doesn't like planning things out, and more jumps headfirst into everything, and plans as she goes. Strategy is not a strong suit, and she much prefers thinking on her feet.

Social Status

Tribe/Clan: BloodClan
Rank: Medicine Cat
Family: Rouges. Likely all dead.
Mate: N/A She's a medicine cat
Kits: N/A She's a medicine cat

Extra: Imma add History, because I like hers.
KestrelFeather's original name was Kestrel, given to her by a mother she hasn't seen in moons. She was born as a rouge with two siblings. She never met her father. her mother took good care of her and her siblings-named Magpie and Raven. Her mother was named Hawk. Her father-oddly enough-Viper. Unfortunately, life as a rogue wasn't great for raising kits, and Magpie died before KestrelFeather knew her. She later parted ways with her family, and hasn't seen them since. They are presumed dead. She lived as a rogue for the majority of her life, and built up fighting skills, if not proper moves, and hunting techniques. She later stumbled upon the clans, and-after being rejected by ShadowClan-joined BloodClan. They welcomed her in eagerly due to her fighting and hunting skills, and took on the position as medicine cat under the circumstance that she could wander on her own if she needed, as she didn't need protection. She took the name KestrelFeather after finding one in perfect condition her first day as medicine cat.

RP Sample: KestrelFeather stepped into the bright sunlight, blinking repeatedly, before looking around. seeing no one else awake, she padded out of camp and to the small pool. She looked around again, before launching herself into the water. She paddled around for a while, enjoying the cool water on her hot fur, before crawling out and drying off. She then returned to camp, her pelt still slightly damp, and glared at the strange looks she earned from the few cats awake. "What?" She snapped. The cat looked away. the entire clan had learned to be wary of her sharp tongue, and equally sharp claws.

"Yes. I'm doing my job. Now get out so I can do it better!"

2 Re: KestrelFeather, Medicine of Blood on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:09 pm


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
This looks great! Especially since you reminded me to add the History part....Which I will add very soon.

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