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Helo I am Darkheart

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1 Helo I am Darkheart on Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:25 pm


ShadowClan Medicine Cat
ShadowClan Medicine Cat
Personal Traits

Name: Darkheart
Alias: Dark
Age: 22 moons old
Gender: male/ Tom
Personality: Short tempered and has no time for anything that a serious adult cat would not do. He belives that just because he shows very little compasion for anyone that does not mean that he still can not help other cats. He loves going into dark and dank places where he can spy on people and get covered in dirt and shrooms.
History:  When he was a young kit he fell out of his mothers tree during a storm and onto a log in the ocean. As he drifted away from the island he saw his mother dive into the ocean after him. She surffuced and swam over to him and grabbed his log. as she was trying to swim s back to shore against the current of the ocean our log submerged and I felt a sharp pain on the back of the head. It felt like one of my 2 sisters slapping on the back of the head only 10 times worse. I faded int darkness as our log reserfuced. When I awoke from the realm of dreams I was lying on the beach both my siblings dead but my mother was barley alive when she awoke she coughed all of the water out of her lungs. She was happy to see that I was alive but sad at the same time at the loss of my sisters. It was a hunge loss because they were only 2 moons old. They clearly jumped into the water to try and save me and mom from the ocean. What foolish kittens I thought. Risking their lives for what? Death? Mabey it was suicide? No matter what my mother was still alive and that is all that matters. If that was true then why did he feel this empty pain in his chest every time he thought about his sisters. As his other mourned the loss of his sisters he dug a grave big enough to fit both his sisters. He knew his mother would want this so that they would not get lonely. once mother was done mourning I rolled their bodies in to the grave and buried them. Then I ushered my mother into the forest where I suggested we hunt. The hunting was great we found so much food. We lived a great life until they came along. By they I mean a family of foxes. One day we can back to our den on the ground because all of the trees were too weak to hold us both. Well when we came back to our den a family of foxes had moved in. When we walked in a family of foxes attacked us. My mother told me to run and that she would be right after me. I knew that would not be true as I felt the rush of blood hit my tail as they ripped her to pieces. Ikept running and did not look back until I made it to a dark pine forest. I was then adopted by shadow clan and they have been my family ever since.

Physical Traits

Breed of Cat: Gray tabby
Height: 1 foot
Weight: 10 pounds
Color of Eyes:left eye is red. right eye is grenn
Appearance: Five huge scars across his left side and missing an ear on the same side
Physical/Performance-wise Strengths:Swimming and climbing
Physical/Performance-wise Weakness: running and stalking

Mental Traits

Interests: He loves watching the medicin cats do their work on other cats and himself
Dislikes: He hates having to be around happy people or over active cats
Fears: His fears are losing any one he cares about and large bodies of water
Mental Strengths: He can tell when something is stupid or dangerous
Mental Weaknesses: panick attacks if he falls out of  tree or is stuck in rushing water

Social Status

Tribe/Clan: Shadow clan
Rank: Warrior
Family: none
Mate: none
Kits: none


RP Sample: My head thrummed when I awoke from the world of the shadows. As I slowly opened my eyes the fresh morning light caused me not to open them any more. My lungs burned as through I had 20 pieces of bark shoved down them. As I sat up I had a coughing fit and sprayed sea water and bile out of  mouth. By the time I was down my lungs burned even more and I was starving but I was scared if I ate anything it would come back up again. When I finally focused I was blinded by the morning light reflecting off the ocean. The smell of rotting fish and salt was unbearable. when I looked to my right my sisters were lying there not breathing. "Drowned by the sea water most likely. When I looked To my left my mom was sitting there still in the shadow world.

2 Re: Helo I am Darkheart on Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:24 pm


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
Looks great!

Nice to make your acquaintance! Have any questions, ask away!

UL: 2113406120

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