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Silverpaw (Riverclan)

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1 Silverpaw (Riverclan) on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:55 pm


Personal Traits

Name: Silverpaw (Silverwing)
Alias: Silver (???)
Age: 6 moons
Gender: she-cat
Personality: Silverpaw is a very sweet she-cat that wouldn't hurt a fly unless she needed to do it to protect her clan. She always put her clan infront of herself. She can be quite stubborn because she always wants to make sure her clan is cared for before her self, so that means if there has been a fight she would want her clan to be healed before her self. When she is around friends she is really playful and loves to explore. Secretly though she had always had a desire to help heal her clan because she doesn't like hurting anyone.
History: Silverpaw was born at the start of spring in the heart of the Riverclan nursery. It was a very rainy day. Her mother Mistyfeather died giving birth to her and her two siblings. Her siblings names are Frostpaw and Stormpaw. they spent the first 6 moons of their lives playing togheter inside the nursery and out. Sometimes, they even snuck out of camp when no one was looking. One day when they were out of camp exploring Frostpaw had fallen in the river and gotten a case of whitecough that confined her to the medicine den for a few days. Silverpaw had an interest since then to help heal her clanmates. She found her self spending some of her spare time in or around the medicine den to try and observe what went on. The den felt like home to her. Be cause of her disinterest, she is weak in both hunting and fighting but she will try her best if it is necessary for her clan to servive. However she had only just begun her training as a warrior.

Physical Traits

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