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Forbidden Love (Teaser)

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1 Forbidden Love (Teaser) on Fri May 06, 2016 10:29 am


Water Secondary
Water Secondary
"Mum! Dad! You're alive!"
What happens when Clan and loner mix?
"Where's Storm?"
When confusion occurs...
"How can you miss someone you never even met?"
"I don't understand. Why aren't you mad at me? I was so selfish!"
Will her family understand?
"You weren't selfish; you did what you thought was for the best!"
And if they don't...?
"That's what you  think, Moon."
What happens when not only the Medicine Cat Code is broken...
"They're beautiful..."
"Just like you."
But the Warrior Code as well?
"Drake, come see your kits: Mint, Moon, and Storm."
"I'm sure they'll grow up to be strong, healthy warriors."
"Just like you."
And... by the same cat?
"I-I want this to work, but you're a Medicine Cat... a-and I'm a loner, and... and you--"
"Hey, hey. Don't worry. It will work. I'm sure of it. Have faith -- in me... and in you. Besides, I think I'm already -- kinda -- a, uh,  a Q-U-E-E-N. Um, w-with ours... That's the most subtle way I could think to put it and you still get it the first time."
Will this slip by?
"Oooohh, I want this to work, but..." *sigh* "You shouldn't have to do most of the work, and I can't keep sneaking off..."
What will be the consequences of breaking the Codes?
"I'll make sure to get them there safely. I promise."
"I know you will."
*Thunder crashes*
"Daddy, I'm hungry! And I'm cold!"
"I just wanna go home."
"We are​​​​  going home."
"Where's Mommy? I want Mommy! I want milk!"
"Mommy is... away. She, um... she'll be back soon."
"But if we're moving, how will she find us?"
"Well, um..."
One thing's for sure...
"Oh! Because we're gonna meet her there, silly! Right, Daddy?"
"Right. Yes, of course."
The consequences will be dire...
"Almost there."
For those who understand...
"N-no... This can't be happening..."
And for those who don't...
"What happened to Storm? Is she sleeping?"
"Probably tired." *under breath:* "She was always weak."
Some things just can't go unpunished...
"No... No, she can't be."
And Iceshard's punishment is far from over...


Her secret cannot stay one for long...

"The ice cracks into three shards
Only two remain
Three pebbles join them
One as fragile as frost

Light shines on the moon below
The ice will crack from just one blow
The sweet scent of herbs shall die
To reveal the bitter inside..."

(I will adds colours later)

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