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Amber "Devil Girl"

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1 Amber "Devil Girl" on Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:17 pm


RiverClan Medicine Cat
RiverClan Medicine Cat
Personal Traits

Name: Amber
Alias: n/a
Age: 2 years
Gender: female
Personality: Amber is very shy and quiet. She sometimes covers up her "black eye," but usually her bangs hide it. She's especially shy around boys, and does her best to ignore them. She's also not the friendliest person.
   Even though she's shy, Amber's not weak. She can be fierce if needed, as she's very strong and skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
History: most is unknown. All that is known, is that she was born with bi-colored eyes. 

Physical Traits

Breed of Cat: American shorthair
Height: 1'3" standing, 1'5" sitting
Weight: 6.6 pounds
Color of Eyes: her right eye is black with a golden pupil. Her left is white with red pupil
Appearance: dark dark grey fur, (Silver's psychi color) "bangs", gold specks. She has a bushy, fox-like tail, along with a white muzzle, ear tips, and tail tip.
Physical/Performance-wise Strengths: Amber can be really fast and is somewhat strong.
Physical/Performance-wise Weakness: Her small size makes her an "easy" target, so she's usually extremely beat/exhausted after a fight, sometimes even collapsing halfway back to her dwelling. This also has to do with some else. She doesn't know what it is, nor does anyone else.

Mental Traits

Interests: Silver, peace, music, being left alone.

Dislikes: being targeted, being insulted, her black eye.
Fears: Boys, being stuck in an awkward conversation.
Mental Strengths: she is good at calming herself, which is vital for her. She also knows how to block everything out and focus on good things, even if the most annoying sound in the world is blasting in her ear.
Mental Weaknesses: Amber is stressed almost 24/7, which usually puts her out there. She will physically react to certain things going inside her head, which nearly killed her once -- she almost fell off the edge of a cliff.

Social Status 

Tribe/Clan: Loner
Rank: N/A.
Family: unknown
Mate: none
Kits: none

Extra: N/A.

RP Sample:
   I opened my eyes to extremely tall trees. Or was it just me? I stood up, blinking a few times to adjust to the strange view of mine. Then it hit me. It had been raining hard the previous day (or was it a couple days ago...?), and I fell into a raging river, as I was unfamiliar to this territory and perspective.
   But now... "I'll be known as a freak here as well."

"Let me tell you about scared. Your heart is beating so hard I can feel it through your hands. There's so much blood and oxygen pumping through you brain it's like rocket fuel. Right now you could run faster and you can fight harder. You can jump higher than ever in your life and you are so alert it's like you can slow down time. What's wrong with scared? Scared is a superpower! Your superpower! There is danger in this room. And guess what? It's you."
"I don't belong here."

2 Re: Amber "Devil Girl" on Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:26 pm


Water Secondary
Water Secondary

"This is just a dream, but very clever people can hear dreams. So please, just listen. I know you're afraid, but being afraid is alright. Because didn't anybody ever tell you? Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger. And one day you're gonna come back to this barn and on that day you're going to be very afraid indeed. But that's okay, because if you're very wise and very strong fear doesn't have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind. It doesn't matter if there's nothing under the bed or in the dark so long as you know it's okay to be afraid of it. So listen. If you listen to anything else, listen to this. You're always gonna be afraid even if you learn to hide it. Fear is like a companion, a constant companion, always there. But that's okay because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I'm gonna leave you something so you'll always remember. Fear makes companions of us all."

3 Re: Amber "Devil Girl" on Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:42 pm


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
Just a side charrie, yeah? Ok...

I suppose...

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