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The Universals

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1 The Universals on Sat Jan 30, 2016 4:17 pm


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
Members of WCC, as you may have noticed,there is a new tribe among us; The Universals. Since Fawnstar and I have thought about making this site more creative and fun, we thought we'd allow a Tribe with the power of elements. Sorry, Stormclan. Because powers can be over powered, this will be the only group allowed to have special abilities.
Also, members will have to prove themselves if they are worthy of a spot as this is a limited, closed group. There can only be one character per IP Address. If your character is not considered active (3 weeks of inactivity) enough  by the admins, then you will be kicked from your position.

Since this is a Warriors forum, we will implement Warrior related ideas into this tribe, such as one believing StarClan or using Warrior-tongue and so on. The story behind where this idea came from will not exist here.

So, this Tribe can only have fourteen (14) members at one time; meaning only two Warriors per element: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Shadow, Light, and Void. Each element can only have one Primary and Secondary power which is already established.
There are no leaders for this group; they are only called a tribe since they each hold a power; they can work together or separately. Only the two Warriors in one element have a Soul Bond, of which can heighten the abilities of the Primary and Secondary.
Mating is not allowed between the Elemental Warriors as their kit would perish from a power overload. When a Universal and a regular Warrior have kits (only a singular kit can have a Universal ability), the kit's power from the Universal parent will not kick in until 5-7 Moons of age. Once the kit gains apparent elemental power, then the Universal parent shall soon perish. If the kit dies before they gain their U. parent's power, then the U. parent shall continue to live.
If a Universal dies before ever having kits, then nature will take its course, bestowing a chosen newborn/young kit with the power of a Universal. It is then then other Universals job to find that kit before chaos erupts.
Universals are all given a sense for knowing how many other Universals there are in the present. They cant telepathically speak to each other, but more like they know who of their kind is alive at the time.

Member names can range from having a regular Warrior name to one similar to that of a rogue or loner. However, their history must match up to their name. Histories are also one of the most important area's for these kinds of characters.

Here is the information for the elements:

Air Element:

Air - Primary (Air/Electricity), Secondary (Speed)

Element Powers

Element Markings

Fire Element:

Fire - Primary (Fire/Heat), Secondary (Shield)

Element Powers

Element Markings

Water Element:

Water - Primary (Water/Ice), Secondary (Telekinesis)

Element Powers

Element Markings

Earth Element:

Earth - Primary (Earth/Plants), Secondary (Strength)

Element Powers

Elemental Markings

Shadow Element:

Shadow - Primary (Shadow/Darkness), Secondary (Names)

Element Powers

Element Markings

Light Element:

Light - Primary (Healing), Secondary (Poison)

Element Powers

Element Markings

Void Element:

Void - Primary (Space), Secondary (Time)

Element Powers

Element Markings

Available Elemental Ranks
(Crossed out ones are taken)
Water - Water/Ice, Telekinesis
Air - Air/Electricity, Speed
Fire - Fire/Heat, Shield
Earth - Earth/Plants, Strength
Shadow - Shadow/Darkness, Names
Light - Healing, Poison
Void - Space, Time


Hollow - Void, Secondary
Jupiter - Water, Secondary
Volt - Air, Primary
Artemis - Air, Secondary
Jinx - Void, Primary
Noir - Fire, Secondary

Questions, comments, concerns? PM Cherrystar!

Note: This topic will be edited and added onto at any given point.

Disclaimer: We claim none of the created ideas for this, as this is only based upon The Golden Butterfly on DA. If its creators would like us to take down any of their ideas from here, they may gladly ask so.

UL: 2113406120

<(◣_◢)>▂▄▅▆▇█ Cherrystar █▇▆▅▄▂<(◔‿◔)>
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