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Wind Where The Colors Fly

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1 Wind Where The Colors Fly on Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:10 am


ShadowClan Leader

AdminShadowClan Leader
Personnel Traits

Name: Wing Where Colors Fly
Alias: Wind/Colors
Age: 30 (2 years and 6 months)
Gender: Male
Personality: Goofy, fun, caring, adventurous, strong-willed, protective, intelligent
History: Colors and his siblings were born to two hunters Pine and Cliff. They were all born into Autumn. All of his siblings were named after what Pine and Cliff saw on that day. Pine noticed a tree full of bright red leaves and a cardinal pecking at a puddle, giving his sister the name, Tree Where Bright Red Leaves Grow, and his brother, Puddle Where Cardinals Rest. His father Cliff only noticed the fiery colors of the forest down below and what he claims, colors in the wind. No one believed him about the colors but named his brother The Fire That Burns Brightly, and him, Wind Where The Colors Fly.

Seasons fly by and Colors became distant from the tribe. He became fascinated with what lied in the forest below. His mind was constantly on it. Only Bright and Cliff would listen to his dreams and encourage them. His brothers claimed them as stupid wishes that would only doom him. Pine died when he was a trainee so he could have his mother's encouragement physically but she would visit him in his dreams and explain her journeys. Bright soon enough had kits. Two of them. Colors was so happy but Bright passed due to loss of blood. Luckily before she passed she named the two kits, River Where The Needles Float and Rainbow That Touches The Sky. Her mate didn't seem to care about the kits for he never appeared. Colors, in depression and grief, took the kits into his care. He would have his closest friend, Heart That Beats Loudly, nurse the kits until they were able to eat.

Those moons went by slowly in Colors view. He was still experiencing grief since Cliff soon passed away from green cough when the kits were born. The kits became trainees and Color gained the two as his apprentices, the leader hoping it would make him happy once more like before. Moons of training go by and Colors was reminded of his greatest dream by the two trainees. His heart became what it once was, filled with curiosity and hope.

By the time he was 23 moons, he was asked to become the next Stone Teller when the current one passes. He denied. Everyone was shocked by his denial. Colors at that moment began expressing his greatest dream.

"... I've never been like the rest of the cats here. They're always filled with hope for the tribe and wishes for their self and others. Well I have only been wishing on my behalf. I did wish apart from my self before but I knew that they would never come true. Bright... Cliff... Pine... They always supported my dream. I dreamed of going beyond tribe territory and exploring the world kept from us. I forgot about that dream but it was brought up again by River and Rainbow. I now have the never ending desire in my heart once more. I think about as I walk, I dream about with my kins help. I can no longer hold the dream at bay. I wish to go beyond the territory! I want to be free! I don't wanna be kept in the shadows any longer! I wish! I plead! Let me explore what we have refused to discover in the past. Let me journey the outside world!" All the cats in the tribe were silent and starring at him. By this time tears were rushing out of Colors eyes.

"Alright." Stone Teller mewed. Gasps flew across the camp and starred at her. "I've always seen you watching the forest below. Heart even reported a few moments. The Tribe of Endless Hunting has sent clear signs about letting you journey." She mewed. Colors raised his head and starred at her. She stopped only a mouse's length away. "You're brave and strong-willed. You have skills to survive out there. Now you must report back here from time to time for you still have family waiting for you." Colors agreed and was sent on his way the next day with a pack of herbs and some prey.

Colors now journeys the land find new friends along the way. Despite gained a few scars he is surviving well getting some help from kittypets and rogues. As he journeys he can't help but think about what he will discover next and the tribe.

Physical Traits

Breed of Cat: Maine Coon Mix
Height: 6 3/4"
Weight12 lbs
Color of Eyes: left eye: Blue | Right eye: Blind/red
Physical/Performance-wise Strengths: Sight, Agility, Strategy and Speed
Physical/Performance-wise Weakness: Climbing and Stamina (get's tired quickly)

Mental Traits

Interests: Outside world
Dislikes: Frogs and nasty cats (tales of the clans getting to his head)
Fears: Meeting a clan and being killed and heights from 15+ trees
Mental Strengths: Intelligence, Memory, and Dream
Mental Weaknesses: Memories (Bad) and Reminders

Social Status

Tribe/Clan: Former: Tribe of Rushing Water | Current: N/A
Rank: Loner/Traveller
Mother: The Blossoming Pinecones
Father: Cliff Where The Water Falls
Sister: Tree Where Bright Red Leaves Grow
Brothers: Forest Where The Fire Burns Brightly and Puddle Where Cardinals Rest
Mate: N/A
Kits: Adopted from sister: Rainbow That touches The Sky and River Where The Pine Needles Float
Extra: N/A

RP Sample: Later


I know why I'm different. she thought.
She flipped her head, the tuft of fur flying from her right eye.
Instead of the sky blue color of her left eye,
she had a mystical color.
Her right eye was purple with a white moon in the center of her pupil.



2 Re: Wind Where The Colors Fly on Tue Jan 19, 2016 2:03 pm


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
The only problems I see are your personality and mental weakness. You must have a more descriptive personality, or in sentence format. Your mental weakness, "reminders" is a bit vague. Reminders of what exactly?

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