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Stormclaw, warrior of SkyClan

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1Stormclaw, warrior of SkyClan Empty Stormclaw, warrior of SkyClan on Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:49 am


SkyClan Leader
SkyClan Leader
Personnel Traits

Name: Stormclaw
Alias: Storm
Age: 24 moons
Gender: Tom
Personality: Very friendly, doesn’t have many friends but when his clan is in danger, he’ll rush to the ends of the Earth to save them! He also loves climbing, especially trees.
History: Stormclaw and his family lived on a small island where prey was rich and predators were few but one day when he was no more than 6 moons old, his parents were killed by a badger, Stormclaw managed to escape but he was completely alone. He wandered the island hoping to find a good spot to create his den, he then found other cats on the island. They wondered who he was but then let him in when he showed that he was of no harm. they had heard tales of cats living under their ancestors known as clan’s, they called themselves “SeaClan” and lived there. They welcomed Stormclaw into this “Clan” and gave him his name, he made a few good friends while there: Cinderwood and her aprentice Whitepaw, Flameflare, and Windslash. Then the Twolegs came, they destroyed their home and killed most of the cats, Stormclaw then stowed away on their boat and he hoped that maybe a few cats had done the same, once they got to shore Stormclaw bolted and tried to find a new home which he found in Skyclan.

Physical Traits

Breed of Cat: Tabby
Height: 1’ 5”
Weight: 7.8lb.
Color of Eyes: Amber
Appearance: Grey striped tabby with short fur and a notch in his right ear
Physical/Performance-wise Strengths: Fast, generally uses strategy to fight
Physical/Performance-wise Weakness: Not as strong as he could be

Mental Traits

Interests: Loves to climb, his den is in a hollow spot in a tree
Dislikes: Twolegs, the most annoying creatures known to cats
Fears: Being fully alone. No one there and knowing there never will be
Mental Strengths: Yes, he is sane and he is quite the strategist and uses his speed mainly
Mental Weaknesses: He’s overprotective of his friends due to his fear of losing them again.

Social Status

Tribe/Clan: Skyclan
Rank: Warrior
Family: Dead
Mate: None yet
Kits: No kits

Extra: N/A

RP Sample: It depends on the situation. I don’t know how you guys RP, So I will update this part of the template when I have actually roleplayed with you guys.

2Stormclaw, warrior of SkyClan Empty Re: Stormclaw, warrior of SkyClan on Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:00 pm


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
Wow, your bio looks perfect! Well done.


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