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Moon of Ice (Private: Silvvy and Icey)

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1 Moon of Ice (Private: Silvvy and Icey) on Fri Nov 13, 2015 9:30 pm


RiverClan Medicine Cat
RiverClan Medicine Cat
Two lives, family from the start...
The one called Silvvy who gave it some heart...
A sisterly friendship, held strong by bond...
The one called Icey who always belonged...
The misjudged soul and the loving mind...
Together on an adventure that will change their lives...

   Iceshard awoke with a start, her dream unsettling her. She carefully stepped out of the nest she and Silvermoon had built the night before, trying not to disturb her sister. She padded over to an overhanging rock looking out over Clan territory. She gazed across the territories and rested her gaze on StormClan's. Longing tugged at her heart, but she knew she couldn't go back. Her thoughts flashed back to when she had been banished from the Clans. Silvermoon, her first loyalty being to her family, went along with her. Iceshard was grateful for her sister's loyalty, but Iceshard still had tried to make Silvermoon stay with the Clan. But of course, Silvermoon refused to let Iceshard go alone. Now here they were, resting in a little den above the Clans. I'm grateful that my sister came along with me but, she shouldn't have had to come with me at all; I did't kill Shrewclaw! She slumped on the rock, wondering what would happen next.

(This is fantasy based. It does not effect Silvvy or Icey in an offical RPG)

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