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Lost Souls

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1 Lost Souls on Fri Oct 23, 2015 4:49 pm


ShadowClan Leader

AdminShadowClan Leader
Lost Souls: Introduction

It is widely known that everything can change in the blink of an eye. But who knew that it can happen so quickly- so drastically? Well that’s the thing; no one knows… Every loss leaves an ache within a heart that no one can take from you or heal; it’s a permeant memory. When that ache becomes consumed with regrets and sorrow to the point where no can relate to its fragileness, it becomes lost and singled out from heaven and hell (not considered a bad word. It’s a mythological place so don’t curse me or whatever for saying it in this post.) This soul is trapped on the Boundary with no hope of escape unless they are reaped.

Lost Souls: Instructions

Your instructions are simple. You are to create a character that has passed away with a regret(s) that caused him/her to become a Lost Soul. Your character to meet up with every other Lost Soul that has been generated from a member. All Lost Souls join in a group which is called Wings of Breath.

Lost Souls: Rules

Ages 12-20 for characters.

The only ‘cuss’ word that has an acceptation is Hell because in this case it is a mythological place. (No other usage of ‘hell’ is allowed.)

No obscene scenes. (Your characters may fall in love/date. Nothing more.-.-)

You have freedom to kill your characters

No God-modding others characters unless you have permission from the owner.

No major drama. (I can’t stand it and I am pretty sure that no one can either. (not completely positive though.))

Dates of Deaths should be the years 2013-2015

No other mythical powers. (The only ones in this RP is levitation and weapon summoning.)

Ask if you wish to be the Deputy or a Corporal.

No OP characters

size=16]Lost Souls: Character Code[/size]




Day of Birth-



Guardian (If parents aren’t in the picture)-






Medical History-

Date of Death-

Cause of Death-



Theme song-


Lost Souls: Fawnstar’s Character(s) Sheet(s)

Name- Luna Bell Harper

Age- 17 years

Gender- Female

Day of Birth- November 3th 1995

Mother- Mary Bella-Lee (Kamper) Harper (deceased)

Father- Jean Christopher Harper

Guardian (If parents aren’t in the picture)- N/A

Siblings- Jean Lee Harper (Twin/Male)

Personality- Caring, strict, brave, intelligent, loving, hopeful, adventurous, and risk taker.


Crush- ???

Bf/Gf- N/A

Medical History- Asthma

Date of Death- October 25th 2013

Cause of Death- Stage III Cancer

Regret(s)/Sorrow(?)- She felt severe sorrow because she passed right next to her brother. She regrets not making Jeans wish come true and not even saying goodbye once.

Quote(s)- “I saw it all coming, but it hurts how I couldn’t stop it from happening.”

“With every breath we take, we are taking it for another, or away from another.”

“We have embedded an oath into our hearts and soul.”

“I am cursed with these wings on my back until the day I am reaped. And when that happens my burden is passed on to the next.”

Theme song- This Song Saved My Life, 'Aoki Tsuki Michite' and Guren no Yumiya  (Wings of Breaths Theme.)


  • [size=16][size=16]Leader of Wings of Breaths[/size][/size]

  • [size=16][size=16]Creator of the group[/size][/size]

  • [size=16][size=16]She has a tattoo on her back of a pair of wings. They are small though. They both sit onto of her should blades and are about as big as two Band-Aids, side by side. The wing on her right is white while the left one is black.[/size][/size]

  • [size=16][size=16]no one knows about her death (refuses to speak about it)[/size][/size]

  • [size=16][size=16]Uses two Bladed Guns (Rifles with blades attached to the barrels and extends beyond the muzzle.)[/size][/size]


Name- Cole Rae Marson

Age- 12

Gender- Male

Day of Birth- December 15th 2003

Mother- Christina Jen Marson

Father- Thomas Klye (Bigelow) Marson

Guardian (If parents aren’t in the picture)- N/A

Siblings- Carrie Chris Marson (17)

Savahnna Lyra Marson (11)

Personality- Quiet, caring, protective, and frightened easily


Crush- ???

Bf/Gf- N/A

Medical History- Nothing severe enough to put here

Date of Death- December 16th 2015

Cause of Death- Car accident on the way home from school

Regret(s)/Sorrow(?)- Before the accident happened he shouted at his mother claimed that he hated her. (he was in the passenger seat)

Quote(s)- “I never would’ve noticed that my future was short-lived.”

“I can see them, I can hear them. But why can’t they hear or see me. Am I just an invisible foe now?”

Theme song- Hear me and Dearly Beloved


  • [size=16][size=16]He refuses to fight.[/size][/size]

  • [size=16][size=16]When needed, fights well with a knife[/size][/size]

  • [size=16][size=16]I will be killing him off (just so you know.)[/size][/size]

Lost Souls: Ranking System

Leader- Represented by The Wings of Breath on their backs and a symbol of breath on their skin (symbol of breath is placed where ever the leader wishes).

Deputy- Represented by the black wing outline and outline of the symbol of breath.

Corporal- Represented by the black wing outline.

Cadets- Have marks of where the wings will be located.

Trainees- Have no wings.

Doctors- Represented by fairy wings on their backs and the symbol of breath on their shoulders.

Nurse- Represented by small fairy wings.

Lost Souls: Symbols

Wings of Breath-  http://www.tattoostime.com/images/349/tribal-wings-tattoo-design.gif

Symbol of Breath-  https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/64/d5/c9/64d5c9171820f6c863b294309b57f781.jpg

Fairy Wings- https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/bc/40/d1/bc40d1ee9cf2e0753dbbd9dcedf8b8a0.jpg

Lost Souls: Extras

  • [size=16][size=16]There are only two wings; one white and one black[/size][/size]

  • [size=16][size=16]There can only be two Corporals and one Deputy[/size][/size]

  • [size=16][size=16]This is a brand new group- straight up from the ashes obviously they are in drafting.[/size][/size]

  • [size=16][size=16]Don’t make the weapons to advance, to the point where they are unbreakable[/size][/size]

Lost Souls: Characters of The Story

Luna Bell Harper- Leader (Fawn)

Cole Rae Marson- Trainee (Fawn)

This RPG will be updated.

Yes there has been some coding issues. I will fix it in due time. There's just a lot to fix and I would like to get this posted to get some stress off my back.


I know why I'm different. she thought.
She flipped her head, the tuft of fur flying from her right eye.
Instead of the sky blue color of her left eye,
she had a mystical color.
Her right eye was purple with a white moon in the center of her pupil.



2 Re: Lost Souls on Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:45 am


BloodClan Leader
BloodClan Leader
Name- Samantha Mary Hartland

Age- 19

Gender- Female

Day of Birth- 8.29.1994

Mother- Carly Elizabeth Gullickson (separated from Shaun)

Father- Shaun David Johnas (separated from Carly)

Guardian (If parents aren’t in the picture)- Kayla Dot James (Aunt)

Siblings- Sabrina Jay Hartland (17) (w/ mother)
Emily Bethany Hartland (16) (w/ father)

Personality- Samantha is a very calm and collected girl. Although she never grew up with her real parents she thought of Kayla as her mother. She is always considerate of others and carries a mother like figure.




Medical History-

Date of Death- 12.11.14

Cause of Death-



Theme song-


~I gotta go do something. I'll finish this later.~

Come and glide under my wing
The wind won't wash you away
Not on my watch
Come and sit by my side
The others won't laugh
Not while I breathe
Come a join me
The crowds will love you
Not if I stop dancing
To his vinyl record of mine

An oath
Cut flesh and streams
of crimson
in the end
it's called a scar.

Vinyl's Theme

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