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Highschool RPG

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1 Highschool RPG on Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:50 pm


BloodClan Leader
BloodClan Leader
First topic message reminder :

Your first day of school begins on Wendesday, August 27th. You have already gathered all your materials need for your necessary class. You seem very excited/unhappy about the schools starting back up again. You can't wait to talk to your friends again. You may have been talking to them over BuddyBubble during the summer but it would be nice to see them in reality. In case you don't know, BuddyBubble is a chatting app on your computer/phone. It allows you to chat with multiple friends at once or you could chat with only one.

Your schools name is Hollow Highschool. The mascot happens to be a Squirrel named Sammy Squirrel. The school is located in a town called Farcity on an island known as Trobadorha. The school sits on the outskirts of the small town but it isn't a far walk. Farcity is a town where no cars, fossil fuel burning, and harmful chemicals exsist. But electricty and electronics exist. It is considered the healthiest town on this fantasy Earth. Farcity is based of the pioneer days. You ride bikes or walk to choosen desination, every house is heated with a fire place and cooled with high tech, non-harmful, electric fans. Other than that Farcity is your home.


Farcity consists of only 14 streets, 2 resturants, 1 publlic library, 1 highschool,middle school, elementary school, 2 disability schools, 1 college, 1 large hospital, 7 farm plots, 4 stores, and a population of only 200+ people.


1. Juniper Street

2. Catcher Lane

3. Tulip Terrace

4. Main Street

5. Ridgeway Road

6. Jacobsen Avenue

7. North Terrace

8. Thunder Street

9. Hawthorn Way

10. Fairway

11. Hollow Avenue

12. Archer Lane

13.1st Street

14.2d Street


1. Farcity Cafe'

2. Indigo Coffee House (Indigo)


Hollow Highschool

North Middle School

Far Elementary

Far's School For The Deaf

Hollow's School For The Blind

Farcity Central College

(Farm Plots)

1. Corn

2. Wheat

3. Livestock

4. Mixed Flowers

5. Rice

6. Mixed Fruits

7. Mixed Vegetables


1. Crane's Clothing

2. Justice's World of Pets

3. Hawthorn's Commisary (grocercy store)

4. Farcity Mart (Walmart)


Farcity Hospital

St. Laurens Child Care

Mitty's Cancer Care Clinic

Character Code

Full Name:






Classes (generals and electives in order):

Favorite Class:

Class positon (Class clown, teacher's pet, etc.):

Farcity Adress:











College Goal:




My Characters

Full Name: Lizerenthia Rose Hawthorn

Age: 15

Birthday: September 3rd 2000

Gender: Female

Grade: Sophomore

Bubbletag: BlindTyrant

Classes (generals and electives in order):


2. English

3. Science

4. History

5. Gym

6. Disability Care

7. Computer Class

Favorite Class: Computer

Class positon (Class clown, teacher's pet, etc.): Quiet one

Farcity Adress: 103 Hawthorn Way


Emily Hawthorn-Mother-42

Jay Hawthorn-Father-47



Kevin Hawthorn- Big Brother- 20


Colonel- German Shepard

Rivers- Husky/Service Dog

Semi- Siamese Cat

Spider- Black, white and grey horse

Personality: Kind, silly, quiet, nervous, caring, and helpful

Job: Horse Tamer and Feeder for the Livestock Farm

Crush: N/A?

Bf/Gf: N/A

Hobbys: Fiddling around with computers

Disabilities: Blind

College Goal: unknown

History: She grew up on the livestock farm plot. She and her brother were the best friends. They never did anything without each other. Her brother was a worker on the barn along with herself. He worked as a tractor driver and a slaughterer. Sometimes Liz would be helping him with killing and gutting the animals for food. She didn't mind this at all. She would also work with him on the tractor sometimes. In return he would help her carry bags of food to the animals and help her with taming. That was until one day, when she was 12, she was trying to tame a wild stallion brought into the barn. She wasn't a fan of using any harmful techniques so she would always chill on the door of his stall, watch him, try to feed him from the hand, etc. It was when she thought he was ready for contact that she went blind. She walked infront of him and reached out for his muzzle. The stallion freak and threw his front legs into the air. She was accustom to this and would usually run out the stall, but she stood there trying to protect her face. His hooves slammed down onto her and pushed her back. Her brother watched and was too late to push her away. Liz laid on the floor complaining her head hurt and her vision was blurry. She was taken to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital she began panicking saying, "Darkness! All I see is darkness!" It was after that she began school for the blind. After the inccident she began addicted to computers. She recieved a computer as a present from her brother and joined BuddyBubble. After a year and a half of blind school she was taken to Hollow Highschool. All of her homework is done on computer. Math is difficult but she does fine because she can type the answers from a math brallie text book onto a document. English, science, and history are all on computers but when it comes to reading she uses the brallie version of the text book. Her brother is often by her side helping her. When she turned 15 she recieve Rivers and Spider from her mother. Now she lives happily despite her disablilty and is truly happy to be attending Hollow high school. She is even more happier that she can do everything she did in the past with little trouble.

Extra: She may be blind but she knows what goes on around her and she is very well with computers. She is determined to get in the computer buisness even though she is blind because she knows that there is something there for her. Her computer programs are often opened by voice command along with text.

Full Name: Levy Kile Church

Age: 17

Birthday: October 31st, 1998

Gender: Male

Grade: Junior

Bubbletag: DiabolicArtisit

Classes (generals and electives in order): Counciling, Precalculus, English, History, Biology, Shop, and Art

Favorite Class: Art

Class positon (Class clown, teacher's pet, etc.): Outcast

Farcity Adress: 239 Hollow Avenue


Julianna Church (deceased)

Jean Church (deceased)


Siblings: N/A

Pets: N/A

Personality: Not very approachable, blunt, insulting, dark and mocks everyone his dislikes

Job: plays guitar on the street for money.

Crush: N/A

Bf/Gf: N/A

Hobbys: Plays guitar, drawing and insulting others

Disabilities: N/A

College Goal: Artist

History: His parents died when he was six and he joined a "thug" group. He trained with his new friends everyday and even took part in theivery. His acts of crime ended when he was 14. He was caught because of the recklessness of a comrade. The police decided to release him as long as he got an education anda temporary family. He accepted the offer and was immediately given a family of which he greatly respects. He was put into counciling and continues to excel in his education. Though because of the lack of parently figures he doesn't have much friends because of his dark background. He has found a carrer in art and often drawings strange, dark and disturbing pictures; sometimes friendly pictures.

Extra: Isn't a fan of making friends and most don't attempt because he is so cold and claimed as scary. He also has some tattoos.

(all pictures used in this post belong to the rightful artists. I drew none of these.)

176 Re: Highschool RPG on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:09 pm


RiverClan Medicine Cat
RiverClan Medicine Cat
~okay got it. I'll hold it

177 Re: Highschool RPG on Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:01 pm


RiverClan Warrior
RiverClan Warrior
~Ugh fine!~


178 Re: Highschool RPG on Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:18 pm


WindClan Warrior
WindClan Warrior

"Seems like an adventure..."
"I'd love to!..."
"Hunter, that... That... That jerk!..."
"I don't care what lies ahead..."
"Me? What about you?! You're the one running around like crazy!..."
"That's it! I am sick of worrying, I'm sick of chasing after you, and I am sick of this relationship!..."
"Sayonara, yourself! Oh..."
"No one can touch me. I. Am. Unbreakable..."
"I don't care what happens to that son of a jerk..."
"You derserve to die!..."

"Sayonara. Olivestar."

179 Re: Highschool RPG on Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:28 pm


RiverClan Warrior
RiverClan Warrior
B-but, I-I....


~Sorry this roleplay is way too fun for me XD. I still need to get to a scene where Hunter and Olivia meet.~


180 Re: Highschool RPG on Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:29 am


ThunderClan Deputy
ThunderClan Deputy
aye. got it.


I'm the nightmare in your sleep
I'm the peace that you seek
I'm the lies in your heart
I'm the truth apart
I'm the evil in your soul
I'm the good that you know
I'm the feirce in you
I'm the calm in few
I'm the justice in every heart
I'm the grudge of every start
I'm the dragon of kings
I'm Dragonwing
Midnight Horror

181 Re: Highschool RPG on Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:41 pm


RiverClan Leader

AdminRiverClan Leader
Members, for future reference, please do not post on a topic with unnecessary or singular/few worded sentences. It is considered spam, especially when the topic creator asked to stop posting here for a while. With posts like those, it only clogs the page and holds no significance to the topic's original purpose.
Despite my own post here, I am only informing you all. My above explanation will also signify for other forum topics.

PLEASE, do not post here again until the topic creator states whether it is okay to do so.

This is a warning.

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