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The leaf that falls alone

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1 The leaf that falls alone on Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:51 pm


WindClan Medicine Cat

ModWindClan Medicine Cat
Personnel Traits

Name: Speckleleaf
Alias: Nope, rather be called by her full name
Age: 29 moons
Gender: Female
Personality: Speckleleaf is very sensitive, very shy and quiet. She always ignores anyone who tells her she's a medicine cat, because the one thing she mostly desires is the ability to have kits - which medicine cats aren't able to.
History: Speckleshine was originally born a kitty-pet, but she was abandoned by them because they were unable to care for her. At a kit of 4 moons old, she stumbled upon a Thunderclan warrior and she became the medicine cat apprentice, even though her crush was going to be sleeping in the warrior's den.

Physical Traits

Breed of Cat: Norwegian Forest
Height: 32 centemeters
Weight 16 lbs
Color of Eyes: Amber-yellow
Appearance: Calico (orange, grayish brown) mostly on back, back of neck, top of head, and all of her tail except the tip. Her face is white, her chest is white, her belly is white, her paws are white, and her tail tip is white.
Physical Strengths: Large sized cat gives them an offensive look if in battle
Physical Weakness: Thick-fur makes new-leaf too hot for them and they have to stay in the shade to keep from over-heating

Mental Traits

Interests: Kits, helping others, hunting, and becoming a mate someday
Dislikes: Being a medicine cat, being ignored, and her cleverness being debated
Fears: War, not being able to help others, and being judged due to her being a medicine cat
Mental Strengths: She can comfort just about any cat no matter what mood they happen to be in. With her gentle voice, her generous nature, and her understanding ways, she is easily the cat others turn to when needing advice
Mental Weaknesses: Due to her sensitivity, she tends to over-react about every little thing that should or should not be important to her.

Social Status

Tribe/Clan: Windclan
Rank: Medicine Cat
Family: Unknown
Mate: Can't have one
Kits: Can't have any

Extra: Nope

RP Sample: Speckleleaf padded out of the medicine den, the new-leaf sun warming up her fur. Her yellow-amber eyes glance up at the clouds, making her smile. "I love mornings so much, don't you agree?" she turned towards her apprentice (just making that up, I don't think she has an apprentice yet).

Speckleleaf, Medicine Cat of Windclan
Speckleleaf's looks:

Cometsky, Queen of ThunderClan
Cometsky's looks:

2 Re: The leaf that falls alone on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:02 am


WindClan Warrior
WindClan Warrior
Welcome to WindClan Smile

3 Re: The leaf that falls alone on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:13 am


WindClan Medicine Cat

ModWindClan Medicine Cat
Thanks Birdstar, I look forward to roleplaying with you Very Happy

Speckleleaf, Medicine Cat of Windclan
Speckleleaf's looks:

Cometsky, Queen of ThunderClan
Cometsky's looks:

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