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The Lily of The Pond

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1 The Lily of The Pond on Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:38 pm


WindClan Warrior
WindClan Warrior
First topic message reminder :

In this roll play, there is a secret pond far away from all, but nature. And a small city, with no plants not even grass, is getting very dirty and polluted. But, in that secret pond, lays a beautiful lily in bloom. But, it is a special lily, that carries magic, that can save the poor little city. It is up to the characters in this roll play, to bring the lily to the city. But it shall not be easy to get the lily. There are dragons, cursed plans, Sirens, the wildest rivers, evil enchanted books, and a witch named Bonnie, that is trying to get the lily for herself to make evil potions.

This is what you will need to put in for this roll play:

Extra (if wanted):

26 Re: The Lily of The Pond on Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:45 pm


"Ok bye!" Stella yelled at talu. "Well then, follow me!" Its over near the bank so straight ahead from us, see the grocery store its on th other side!" she said walking beside vixen.


27 Re: The Lily of The Pond on Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:43 am


"Alright." He yawned and looked around. "Did Talu tell you anything about this quest?" He questioned adjusting the baskets on the scooter so they wouldn't fall.

28 Re: The Lily of The Pond on Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:58 pm


WindClan Warrior
WindClan Warrior
Talu hurried to catch the bus, but she was to late. As soon as she got to the bus stop, the bus left. Aww, rats! My house is to far away to walk to from here. Well I can walk to the Library from here, why don't I go there? Talu looked for the right time to walk across the street to get to the Library. Talu never liked the Library that much because there was a very mean Librarian. Her name was Mrs. Cosslough. When Talu opened the door to the Library she got scolded. It was Mrs. Cosslough. "You better be gone soon because I don't want anyone in here!" She yelled. "But why? If you want no one in here then why was the front door unlocked." Talu said, in a challenging voice. "Why you!!" Talu ignoring the mean Librarian. Hmm, where is it?... Ah! That's it. Oh no, wait hmm... Well this book isn't it but it has a well enough title. The book was titled "Strange places and strange things" hmm, it also says that it shows you the place to go... Talu looked inside the Contents and saw "Strange lake thing" That looks like it. Talu flipped to the page, and it had allot of words in it, she just kept scrolling her eyes until she needed to flip the page, and then there was a picture of a map with a X. Well, this looks well enough, I'll take it and meet the others at the trees. Talu bought the book without even making eye-contact with Mrs. Cosslough, and walked back to where she met Vixen.

29 Re: The Lily of The Pond on Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:27 pm


"Well, not much I think theres a pond and theres a thing in the pond." she said to him looking for her phone. should i tell mom? no theres no point it shouldnt take long

30 Re: The Lily of The Pond on Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:08 am


Vixen delivered the baskets but kept one tied down on his scooter. "Isn't that basket for the market." The clerk said and pointed at the basket. "Trust me sir, you don't want this basket. As a farmer we also deliver protein. But on the way here there was an accident with the meat. There is no need for me to go into further details. I shall see you later, sir." With that he quickly walked away. "Anyways. Do you guys even know where this pond is? Also do you guys even know about the dangers that could come?" He sighed and looked at Stella.

31 Re: The Lily of The Pond on Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:50 pm


"Nope no idea but i trust talu!"

32 Re: The Lily of The Pond on Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:22 am


ShadowClan Leader

AdminShadowClan Leader
Yuuzuki's slumber was cut short. A little blue bird landed on her head and let out a tiny tweet. She pushed her self up only to be knocked back down to the ground. She looked up realizing that the hollow wasn't as tall as she has expected. She rubbed her temples and proceed out of the hollow. The sun blinded her eyes. Squinting in pain she stood up and waited for her eyes to adjust to the blinding rays. The sun was a few positions beyond sun high. It's too early and to hot. Knowing she could no longer rest and wait she began to move forth. Under the trees shadows was actually quite cool but not cool enough. She could hear the rush of water. Her heart jumped and she ran towards the noise. There was a river. She so badly wanted to leap in but yet she didn't want to risk it. Her mouth ran dry at a longer look of the water. She quickly fled the river thinking if she remained any longer she would burst and enter the water. I must remain on land. I cannot risk my life because of water. But yet if I don't get water to drink soon I will be doomed to dehydration and soon after death or captivity.


I know why I'm different. she thought.
She flipped her head, the tuft of fur flying from her right eye.
Instead of the sky blue color of her left eye,
she had a mystical color.
Her right eye was purple with a white moon in the center of her pupil.



33 Re: The Lily of The Pond on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:52 pm


Sorry i cant do rp much to busy drawing if you want to see my art here is a link! some is old but i uploaded it anyway. Enjoy! please give me feedback and tell be which warrior or steven universe character you would like me to draw (drawing cats is easier then people so...)

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