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Lightclan:the journey to a new home

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1 Lightclan:the journey to a new home on Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:33 pm


ShadowClan Warrior
ShadowClan Warrior
Warning this a preview I'm still working on it and editing this part still.but feel free to tell me what you think so far!

This is a story about a clan cat that realize his destiny and ends it with a final promise.the clan is Lightclan(yes there is a roleplay about lightclan)

I will not do a I tro chapter I'm just jumping into da story

Deputy:whitepelt(mentor of snowpaw)
Medicane cate:mousewhisker(mentorr of palepaw)
Warriors:moontail(mentor of onepaw)
Stonewing(mentor of brownpaw)
Palepaw(medicane apprentice)
Stormfoot(mother of thornkit and graykit)

Chapter:1 the sign

It was a misty morning in the camp.the sun peeking through the tall snowy trees.Its been three days since my warrior name. I still hear it"tigerpelt!tigerpelt!tigerpelt!".I seen whitepelt already with snowpaw,palepaw,and mistfoot eating near the thornbush.I feel the chilly wind.stonewing meows behind me"have a good vigail tigerpelt?" I blink at hime and meowed"yes but I was freezing.I wish I got my warrior name moons ago before it was winter." Stonewing purred"but we could use warriors" just then whitepelt padded up and said"stonewing let tigerpelt get some rest he's probably tired from the cold night." Stonewing shrugged and went to the fresh-kill pile. Whitepelt flicked tigertails nose and meowed"get some sleep" tigerpelt nodded and padded to the warriors den,he though'MY FIRST TIME!" He felt like a kit getting to eat fish for the first time. He dozed of next foxpelt who was still recovering from a deep bite in both his back legs.He dreamed of star like cats racing they looked like lightclan cats! Tigerpelt yowled"HEY!" But he heard "Run away!" He woke with fixpelts paw in his flank. Foxpelt growled"its sun high and you been rolling on me!" Tigerpelt felt hot in embarresment he replied quickly"sorry foxpelt"
Its been 5 moons since the dream and it keeps happening! He did train to be a medicane cat but he quit cause he kept day dream of warrior stuff and started warrior training as a warrior.he decide to talk to Mousewhisker about his dream.

As cats come and go
I stand here alone
No where to go
But far from home
I feel like I'm falling
I have no heart
For those who have
Met me they call me

though bitter and lone,I still wish to have one close.I don't want to be alone anymore...

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