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Hello, I am FawnIce Pokeball_kitty_gif

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Hello, I am FawnIce

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1Hello, I am FawnIce Empty Hello, I am FawnIce on Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:17 pm


ShadowClan Leader

AdminShadowClan Leader
Hai. I am new to this site. My name is FawnIce and I am a small, but you can consider me a runt, silver tabby she cat with piercing blue eyes. I am leader of Shadowclan but I still need the name change to FawnStar.

Here's a summary of my life

Mother was a rouge as father belonged to Shadowclan. I was born on the worst day of winter. Frost nipped at my skin and froze my pelt. Father was there with the Shadowclan medicine cat, SageWhisker. They could only save one life, mine or mothers. Mother insisted that I lived and that they left her in the snow, to die. Her wish was granted and SageWhisker took me in to the camp as father sat by her body, mourning for her. CedarStar never knew about my arrival in the clan, for SageWhisker hid me deep within the medicine den. Soon enough he found me. He, in someway saw a strong potential in me and that my destiny was for told through my eyes. He made me part of the clan under the first name Fawn, since I was small, slender, and looked like a deer offspring. I soon grew out those looks and became the leader I am.

Hello, I am FawnIce Scc
I know why I'm different. she thought.
She flipped her head, the tuft of fur flying from her right eye.
Instead of the sky blue color of her left eye,
she had a mystical color.
Her right eye was purple with a white moon in the center of her pupil.


Hello, I am FawnIce Shadow10
Hello, I am FawnIce Cutesh10

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