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My Cool Backstory

Did you like this backstory?

I liked it but you could have done better. (Please post what I should have done differently.)

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1 My Cool Backstory on Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:00 pm


ThunderClan Warrior
ThunderClan Warrior
Very Happy My backstory:
Once I was Starlingkit. My sister, Leafkit dies of greencough. My mother, Dapplefur was so sad. Then I became an apprentice, My mentor was Mouseclaw, he was Dapplefurs brother and one of the best fighters in the clan. Back then the leader of Thunderclan was Woodstar. He was a very loyal leader. When Whiterose retired to the elders den Mouseclaw was the deputy. My father, Flashtail was very proud of me. My mother was too. But then there was a big battle, my first battle, and it was with Windclan. Those rabbit eaters had been steeling our prey because there puny rabbits ran out. But three warriors died. Mudtail, His mate, Pansyfur was so sad. and Feathercloud, She was always so nice to me and Featherclouds daughter, Applepaw. She was my den mate and I missed her so much and I still do. Then I earned my warrior name. It was Starlingflower. As a warrior I fought two battles with Shadowclan. Three with foxes and one with Riverclan. In the battle with Riverclan Mouseclaw died. It was so sad. he fell into the river. The new deputy was elected when we got back to camp. It was Echopelt. She had been Applepaws mentor but I didn’t know much else about her. The battles with Shadowclan was over territory. The prey was running low in all the clans. The leader then was Toadstar. He put up quite a fight. He attacked me. But I survived and so did I he was strong but old. He died a little less than a moon after that battle. The next battle was when they were without a leader. The deputy got greencough and died soon after. The clan was out of control and some of the cats attacked us. Nobody died in that battle but there were so many injuries and the medicine cat didn’t have an apprentice. Sadly my father got greencough at the time and it was hard for the medicine cat to look after so many cats. Woodstar was getting old and in the second battle with the foxes he lost his ninth life. Echopelt became Echostar of Thunderclan. There were many deaths in those battles including the poor medicine cat. But he had a fully trained apprentice when he did. And I am still Starlingflower of Thunderclan now.

Hope you enjoyed this backstory. I might right more of it later. Thanks for reading it. This is only part one, remember.

2 Re: My Cool Backstory on Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:40 am


Main Admin
ThunderClan Leader

Main AdminThunderClan Leader
Great story!! That one was good, nice and long too. Smile I hope you write the next one soon. I'll make sure I read it!


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